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Quote of the Week
“I will never give up on my dreams.”
- Kayla Valiquette  


Micrex update
Council received a presentation from Dan McKim of the Livingstone Landowners Group, updating them on the progress of the Micrex magnetite mining project north of Burmis on the flanks of the Livingstone.
He informed them that the company’s proposal has been handed over from Alberta Sustainable Resource Development to the Natural Resources Conservation Board, for an in depth review of the project.
McKim encouraged Council to keep informed on the issue.
The area of land which would house Micrex operations straddles the boundary of the MD of Ranchlands and MD of Pincher Creek, and therefore, the municipality has no jurisdiction over the project.
Blairmore mobile home sites
Administration made a request to Council to provide direction regarding mobile home sites, located along 22nd Avenue between 134th and 135th Street in Blairmore, which are owned by the municipality.
The lots, which have been rented to mobile home owners since prior to the amalgamation of the municipality when they were owned by the Town of Blairmore, lie directly on top of water, natural gas, cable and telephone lines.
Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford informed Council that because the municipality may have to do maintenance to the water line in the near future, residents of those lots have been asking Administration how long they will have before they have to move off the property.
“We are looking for direction to provide to these people,” said Clifford. “We want to be able to treat property owners and tenants in a consistent and fair fashion.”
“We can’t extend any more than six years because of that water line and the condition it is in now,” said Councillor Larry Mitchell.
After much discussion on the matter, Councillor Jerry Lonsbury made a motion to direct Administration to advise tenants it is the intention of the municipality to set a four year time limit, at which time the units would have to be vacated and removed by the owner, that if in the interim the units are sold they will need to be removed by the new owner, and that if the municipality determines maintenance is required on the water lines, the homeowner will be responsible to move the home to facilitate repairs.
The motion was carried, with all but Councillors Brian Gallant and Siegbert Gail in favour.
Bylaw implementation report
Councillor Siegbert Gail informed Council he would like to see Administration look into having the municipal bylaw officer provide regular reports to Council and the media regarding enforcement.
“It would be nice for that information to be provided to the public,” said Councillor Gail.
CAO Tully Clifford informed Council that while there is no official Council direction to the bylaw officer to provide a quarterly report, that is his intention.
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to recommend that Administration direct the bylaw officer to provide a quarterly report to Council and a regular report to the media.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Priorities and Procedures reviews
Mayor Bruce Decoux informed Council he would like to see all municipal departments complete a Priorities and Procedures review at least once every five years.
He said he would like to see the first review carried out in the Public Works department in the beginning of 2012.
“We think this will be a tremendous assistance to administration,” said Decoux, adding that appropriate funds will have to be allocated in the budget.
CAO Tully Clifford informed Council that senior management is currently working on undertaking a similar task in different departments, and that as there is little direction as to what the review should entail and no allocation in the budget, he would prefer the matter to be readdressed when working on the 2012 budget.
Mayor Decoux said this matter is not to be considered a “black mark” on Administration, as Council is happy with the work that they have been doing, but that it is meant to facilitate and hasten the review process by bringing in outside assistance.
“We want to ensure this is put in place and becomes part of our corporate culture,” said Mayor Decoux.
After much discussion, Councillor Brian Gallant made a motion that Priorities and Procedures reviews commence within the municipality no later than the beginning of 2012 and on an ongoing basis thereafter in all departments on a sequential basis.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Budget format
Mayor Bruce Decoux informed Council he would like to see the municipality adopt a three-year budget, as opposed to a yearly budget, in order to handle the entire process in a more efficient manner.
“If Administration feels it is possible, and we move to a three-year budget, it would allow us to spend more time looking at community sustainability plans, strategic plans, and other matters,” said Decoux, adding that a budget item has been addressed at nearly every Council meeting since October. “Currently, a great deal of our time is taken up with budget.”
“It could be handled so much better if we worked on a three-year budget.”
CAO Tully Clifford said he supports a three-year budgeting process, and that Administration has already prepared a budget policy report.
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury made a motion to direct Administration to report back to Council at the next GPC meeting for further discussion on the possibility of moving toward a three-year budget.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Atlas Road
Councillor Brian Gallant said he would like to see Council write a letter to Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Minster Mel Knight, stating the municipality would like to be included as a stakeholder in all discussions regarding Atlas Road.
He noted that Atlas Road faces severe challenges, including several water crossings which are in need of repair, and that the municipality should be apprised of any and all development and issues in the area.
Councillor Gallant made a motion that Council write the letter to SRD Minister Mel Knight, which was passed unanimously.
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