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Quote of the Week
“If a fire of the magnitude of the Lost Creek fire of 2003 were to happen now, it would be hard to bring resources to it.”
- Tully Clifford  


The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass issued a fire ban on Wednesday, May 18th, following suit with several other communities throughout the province, including the MD of Pincher Creek, Calgary and Edmonton.
The only fires which will be permitted during the ban are those which are contained in cooking or heating appliances which are fuelled by fluids or gases.
The use of wood, briquette and propane or natural gas fires, including fire pits, is strictly forbidden.
Anyone in contravention of the ban could face a fine of up to $5,000, as well as the cost of extinguishing any resulting fires.
Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford said the decision to issue the ban was reached following correspondence with local fire departments.
“If something were to happen and it got out of control, the amount of personnel on hand to deal with the situation would not be significant,” said Clifford, noting that a large number of fire crews have been redirected to deal with more than 100 wildfires currently burning in the northern part of the province.
“If a fire of the magnitude of the Lost Creek Fire of 2003 were to happen now, it would be hard to bring resources to it,” he said.
The announcement came one day after Premier Ed Stelmach announced last Tuesday that a full province-wide fire ban would be in effect until further notice.
Stelmach said “extraordinary measures” were required in order to prevent fires like the one which devastated the community of Slave Lake last week, destroying approximately 30 per cent of the town.
The ban applies to all areas of the province except federal lands such as some National Defence lands, First Nations reserves outside of forest protection areas, and urban municipalities such as cities, towns, and villages.
As of Friday, May 20th, Crowsnest Pass was one of more than 15 communities which had issued their own fire bans within municipal boundaries.
Anyone who sees smoke or someone burning a fire is urged to call 911.
To report a wildfire, call 310-3473 (FIRE).
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   Volume 81 - Issue 21 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: news@passherald.ca   $1.00   
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