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This week’s Pass Herald masthead is pink, in support of Pink Day - June 1st.


Councillor Jerry Lonsbury was absent from the meeting.

Ed Gregor Memorial Stewardship Day
Council received a presentation from Neil Chalmers, Vice President of the Crowsnest Forest Stewardship Society (CFSS), who invited them to attend the 17th annual Ed Gregor Memorial Stewardship Day volunteer event taking place on Saturday, June 4th.
To date, Chalmers estimates more than 2,650 volunteers have donated in excess of $1 million in volunteer hours and donated equipment and supplies to maintain, reclaim and repair trails, walkways, benches, signs, kiosks and campsites.
During that time, approximately 35 tonnes of garbage have been collected from thousands of kilometres of forestry trails and roadsides, and more than 8,000 trees have been planted by volunteers.
“The amount of hours that this organization has put forward is incredible,” said Chalmers. “They do a lot of good work.”
Council informed Chalmers they would attend on an individual basis, as their schedules permit.
The event begins at 7:30 a.m. on June 4th at the Blairmore Forestry Office.

Property Tax Penalties Bylaw
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to recommend that the GPC forward the Property Tax Penalties Bylaw to Council for first reading at the June 7th Council meeting.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Councillor Brian Gallant then made a motion to recommend that Council rescind the existing Tax Penalty Bylaw.
The second motion was also passed unanimously.
The new bylaw authorizes Council to impose penalties on outstanding property taxes.
The previous bylaw did not provide adequate information regarding the penalty process, nor did it allow for a flexible tax due date of 60 days after mailing, according to Administration.

Draft Budget Policy
At the May 10th GPC meeting, Mayor Bruce Decoux informed Council he would like to see the municipality adopt a three-year budget, as opposed to a yearly budget, in order to handle the entire process in a more efficient manner.
“Currently, a great deal of our time is taken up with budget,” said Mayor Decoux. “It could be handled so much better if we worked on a three-year budget.”


Council provided information on a three-year budget process, as well as a one year, to Council at the May 24th meeting, and recommended that they adopt the new format.
Councillor Andrew Saje made a motion to recommend that Council approve a Three-Year Budget Policy.
The motion was passed unanimously.

Draft Reserve Policy

Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to recommend that Council approve the Draft Reserve Policy.
The policy was developed by Administration to consider the minimum level(s) necessary to maintain the Municipality’s credit worthiness and to adequately provide for economic uncertainties and other financial hardships, downturns in the economy, local disasters and catastrophic events, future debt, capital obligations, cash flow requirements, and legal requirements.
Through approval of the policy, Council will need to strategically consider how best to fund the reserves, and the timeframe required to achieve the reserve balances.
The motion was passed unanimously.

Rezoning in West Coleman
Council received a petition signed by 64 residents of West Coleman, an area of which is currently under revision for rezoning from non-urban area to multiple residential (R-2A) zoning for the purpose of development.
Randy Tucker spoke on behalf of the residents.
Tucker said residents would not mind seeing development in the area, but think the location is improper for the development of a multi-family residential complex.
Mayor Bruce Decoux told Tucker that many of the conerns outlined in the petition were premature, as this is only the rezoning phase, and that the issue of allowing Green Mountain Company to develop the area will come at a later date.
He also encouraged the group to have a representative come to the third and final reading of the land use bylaw amendment, which will take place at the June 7th Council meeting, in order to speak at the public input session.

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