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Quote of the Week
"If this keeps up, our legacy will be nothing but miles and miles of gravel roads."
- Mike Judd  
Land rezoned
Council passed third reading of Bylaw 826, the Land Use Bylaw Amendment, for the purpose of development.
The amendment changes an area of land in West Coleman along Hwy 3 from non-urban area to multiple residential (R-2A) zoning.
No members of the public spoke for or against the bylaw but members of Council voiced some concerns.
Councillors Emile Saindon and Siegbert Gail voiced concern over the development of a multi-family residential complex in the area due to safety concerns related to Hwy 3, and quality and stability of the land itself.
Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford informed Council that those issues will be addressed in the development agreement, and that studies could be required of the applicant before development can begin.
“The development process will address those issues,” said Mayor Bruce Decoux.
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion that Council approve third reading of the bylaw.
The motion was carried 5-2, with all but Councillors Andrew Saje and Emile Saindon in favour.

Nature Conservancy
Council received a presentation from Larry Simpson, Director of Strategic Philanthropy and Conservation and Associate Regional Vice President of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).
In his presentation, Simpson outlined the goals of the NCC, as well as the areas of land in the Crowsnest Pass which the organization has interest in.
He said the NCC has secured land and forestry rights, purchased land, and donated conservation easements for 242 areas of land throughout the country, influencing more than 170,000 acres and $300 million worth of Canadian land.
Some nearby areas which the NCC has influenced include the Whaleback, Iron Ridge, areas near Crowsnest lake, the Devon / Fleming corridor, Leitch Collieries, Rock Creek, Cardston and Waterton Lakes National Park.
He also informed Council that a spring cleanup will be taking place on Wednesday, June 15th at the Fleming Ranch west of Coleman from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Volunteers will help to clean up fencing, junk and garbage in the area and will also be taken on a guided property tour.
For more information or to lend a hand, call 403-444-3547, or visit www.conservationvolunteers.ca.

Endorsement Policy
At the April 19th Council meeting, Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to rescind the municipal Endorsement Policy, which was passed by previous Council and which forbids Councillors from appearing in promotional endorsement material for any private corporation, development, public offering, private project, or non-governmental process.
The motion was tabled until the matter could be reviewed at the following Policy Committee meeting.
At the June 7th meeting, Councillor Mitchell made the motion again, after having received legal correspondence on the matter.
Councillor Brian Gallant said Council should wait to rescind the policy until a Code of Conduct for Council can be adopted.
“I like the idea of coming up with a Council Code of Conduct,” said Councillor Gallant. “This policy should stand until we have something better.”

Councillor Emile Saindon echoed these sentiments, saying he would like to see the policy stand until Administration can provide a draft for the code of conduct.
In the end, the motion was carried 5-2, with Councillors Gallant and Saindon opposed.
A motion to direct Administration to bring forward a Policy Committee Code of Conduct for Council and its committees was also carried 6-1, with Councillor Saindon opposed.

Summer Schedule
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury made a motion to cancel the July 26th and August 9th Governance and Priorities Committee meetings, as well as the August 2nd Council meeting.
Council will resume its regular schedule on August 16th, and add an additional Council meeting on August 30th.
Councillor Brian Gallant told Council he was in favour of not taking any time off.
“We have a lot to do,” said Councillor Gallant. “I can work all summer.”
Ultimately, the motion was carried 6-1, with Councillor Gallant opposed.

Gifts for Task Force
Mayor Bruce Decoux told Council he would like to allocate $2,250 to be used to purchase gifts for the members of the Economic Task Force.
Mayor Decoux noted that the Task Force met on six occasions for a minimum of five hours each, and that they donated their personal time and travel expenses for the service.
Councillor Brian Gallant made the motion that Council spend the funds to purchase gifts for task force members.
The motion was carried unanimously.

Council donates
Councillor Andrew Saje made a motion to donate the proceeds from the municipal auction, a total of $2,567 to aid victims of the wildfire which ravaged the community of Slave Lake last month.
“We may (find ourselves) in tough times too, and we (could) need help from our neighbours,” said Councillor Saje. “Regardless of the amount, if we have a bit to give, it’s the spirit of what we have to give in times of need.”
Councillor Larry Mitchell said Council should allocate different funds for the donation, and that the money should go into municipal reserves.
“We set up these reserves to make sure no money is filtered out of there,” said Councillor Mitchell. “We should look elsewhere for the funds.”
Councillor Brian Gallant said that as the amount was unexpected funds, it wouldn’t be hurting anything to donate it.
“I don’t see it as a big loss,” said Councillor Gallant.
Ultimately, the motion was carried 5-2, with Councillors Larry Mitchell and Emile Saindon opposed.

Transportation survey
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to direct Administration to send out a transit needs assessment survey with municipal bills.
The survey will serve to address total ridership, peak times and total requested service of a possible expansion of transit service in the community.
The motion was carried unanimously.
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