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Quote of the Week
"We want to ensure that somebody else's opportunity doesn't become your nightmare."
- Kevin Robins, CAO  
Procedural hiccup
Council was informed by Interim Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Robins that they have been operating GPC meetings incorrectly for the past eight months.
Robins told Council that at a GPC meeting, which is very similar to traditional Committee of the Whole meetings, Council is not
permitted to make motions, and therefore a vote is not
In the past, Councillors have been making motions to recommend that Council undertake a certain action at the following Council meeting and voting accordingly.
Robins pointed out that a Councillor must only
recommend an action, and that no motion or vote is needed.
Mayor Bruce Decoux voiced his frustration and disappointment that the matter had not been brought to their attention and
corrected sooner.

Boys and Girls Club
Council received a
presentation from the Boys and Girls Club of Crowsnest Pass, who updated Council on the progress of their 2011 fundraising campaign, and provided an overview of some of the coming
programs and activities the club has planned.
Program Director Amanda Gail started things off by informing Council of the day camps and
campouts that the kids will take part in this summer as part of the club’s summer programming.
Secretary/Treasurer Scott Warris noted that 75 kids have been sponsored for a day of camp, either through individual sponsorship or businesses sponsoring an
entire day.
Gail informed Council that the club is also currently working on incorporating more programming for older kids, and bringing in kids ages 13 to 17.
One of the ways she said the club plans to do this is by bringing the older kids in as mentors for the younger ones.
“We are slowly incorporating youth more and more under that pretence,” said Gail.
Warris also told Council that the fundraising
campaign has had great success thus far, but that there is still quite a way to go in order to reach the club’s $40,000 goal in the next three weeks.
He asked that local
businesses consider a
donation as part of their
advertising budget, as their logo will go into all club handouts and materials this year, and there is the opportunity to have the logo adorned on the club bus.
He said it also reflects well with parents who could be potential customers.
“Supporting a group like ours goes a long way in the eyes of our kids’ parents,” he said.
He then provided an overview of the coming activities of the club during Sinister 7 and Rum Runner Days, including the Duck Race, which will take place at 2 p.m. on July 16th, the Saturday of Rum Runner Days.
“We have had so much support for it,” said Warris. “We are pretty confident this is going to become an annual community tradition.”
Mayor Bruce Decoux, who will be releasing the ducks off the Blairmore
centre access bridge at the start of the race, joked that if the club could acquire a duck suit for him, he would be more than willing to wear it and jump in as well.

Rum Runner Days random camping
Council received a
presentation from Blairmore resident June Vastenhoot, who raised concern over the many people who tent in a narrow area of municipal property along Lyons Creek on 132nd Street between 17th and 19th Avenue.
Vastenhoot said these campers are a nuisance to area residents, creating noise and garbage, drinking in the street, and hassling passersby or asking homeowners for the use of their washroom.
“Last year lots of
residents were bothered,” said Vastenhoot.
She asked if the campers were allowed to be there, or if they were in contravention of any municipal bylaws.
Mayor Bruce Decoux encouraged her to speak with the bylaw officer to find out that information.
Vanstenhoot also said a more suitable location for these campers could be closer to the ISS sports field, where the Thunder in the Valley fireworks display takes place, and that the area along the creek could be blocked off.
Mayor Decoux noted that the event is seen as a good thing by many people, and a bad thing by many others.
“It has become apparent that the entire issue has to be reviewed and has to be
managed a little better and more soundly than it has been in the past,” said Mayor Decoux.
He said Council will be reviewing the issue, as well as the Task Force’s recommendations regarding the event, and that this will likely be the last year the event is run the way it is.
“There is going to have to be a major change in the years to come to ensure that, as much as possible, people are not inconvenienced,” he said. “These are serious
problems we have to overcome by working together.”
“We need to ensure that while allowing for the
weekend enjoyment of tourists, we don’t forget about our residents,” said Interim CAO Kevin Robins. “We want to ensure that somebody else’s opportunity doesn’t become your

Strategic Plan
Mayor Decoux told Council that in order to have a strategic plan prepared for the public by the fall, a lot of work will be required in the coming weeks.
“This is going to require a number of long meetings in the summer and fall,” said Mayor Decoux.
He suggested a committee of two Councillors meet and develop a time table prior to the June 5th Council meeting.
Councillors Andrew Saje and Emile Saindon volunteered to undertake the task, and Interim CAO Kevin Robins said he would be
interested in participating as well.
Mayor Decoux said a final draft of the plan should be ready by the beginning of September, and it will then be polished up before being presented to the public in
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