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Quote of the Week
"We don't want any more studies, we want action."
- Larry Mitchell  


Crowsnest Pass RCMP is urging residents to ensure their vehicles and garages are locked at all times while unoccupied, in light of a rash of thefts from motor vehicles and properties over the past several months.
“It’s a crime of opportunity, and the opportunity is being provided,” said Crowsnest Pass RCMP Sergeant Scott Howard, noting that every week, several residents call in to the detachment to report personal belongings being taken from their vehicles, which are usually left unlocked.
He said the most effective way of ensuring property is not stolen from your vehicle is to lock it whenever it is left unoccupied.
“People can’t reasonably say ‘it won’t happen here’, because it is happening here,” he said of the countless recent reports of stolen property.
Since the beginning of June, RCMP have received more than 30 reports of items being stolen from vehicles, garages, and yards, 13 of which occurred between July 6th and 13th.

In July alone, close to ten motorcycles and bicycles were stolen from properties or while the owners were out camping and did not have the machines properly secured, and many small electronics, wallets, and other items were stolen from vehicles.
Sergeant Howard said the RCMP have limited enforcement abilities in such cases, especially if no suspect is identified.
“Unless you know who did it, there isn’t much of a point in calling us,” he said.
He added that one of the scarier implications of failing to securely lock your vehicle is that in many cases, motorists store garage door openers inside the vehicle, which can provide easy access to your home.
“If you leave your garage door opener in your unlocked vehicle, someone can take it, come back when you’re away, and rob you,” said Sergeant Howard.
He said all large items such as bicycles and motorcycles should also be stored in locked garages or secured by other means, as they are popular targets for theft, especially in the summer months.
“It’s very simple, lock it or lose it,” said Sergeant Howard.
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   Volume 81 - Issue 29 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: news@passherald.ca   $1.00   
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