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Quote of the Week
"We don't want any more studies, we want action."
- Larry Mitchell  


Councillor Siegbert Gail was absent for the meeting.

Draft Budget Policy
Interim Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Robins asked Council to allow Administration to hold over the Three Year Budget Policy which was presented to the Policy Committee, in order to allow Administration time to review Lethbridge’s three year budget policy and determine if the proposed budget policy is in sync with Council expectations and best practice.
Robins identified target dates for review of the policy.
He said Administration would present a revised version of the policy at a special meeting on Wednesday, August 17th, before bringing forward the policy for review and recommendation to Council for approval at the August 23rd Governance and Priorities Committee meeting.
The policy will then be presented for Council approval at the August 30th meeting.
He said he then plans to set up a work shop from August 16th to 30th with Lethbridge’s Director of Corporate Services Corey Wight, regarding the city’s budgeting process.
Following that, Robins said they would also be looking for Council to set direction relative to the Strategic Plan from August 16th to 30th.
Administration will be asking for a copy of the Strategic Plan, and will then enter into discussions with Council and Administration regarding corporate direction, including assessment, requisitions, municipal debt, reserves, operational requirements and capital replacement suggestions.
Administration will then send out a budget notice advising all authorities, associations and community groups which receive funding from the municipality, asking them to present their own three year budgets.
After that, Administration will set a schedule to meet with organizations such as the Pass Pool, Pass PowderKeg Ski Hill, Crowsnest Library Board, Bellevue Underground Mine, Crowsnest Museum, Allied Arts Association, and SPCA which are also funded by the Municipality, in order to review their status within the Strategic Plan, as well as budget presentations.
From September 1st to October 15th, Administration will begin preparing a draft budget – for both the three year operational and ten year capital budgets - for review by the Budget Committee.
Council and Administration will then begin budget discussions through special public meetings separate from regular Council meetings, beginning on October 31st.
The meetings will continue on November 2nd, 7th, and 9th, with final deliberations on November 14th, and they will be held in a venue other than Council Chambers, in order to provide sufficient space for members of the public to attend.
The final budget will then be presented for approval by Council on December 6th, where it will be approved in principle.
Final approval of the 2012 Operational and Capital Budget and Approval in Principle of the 2013-14 Operational and Ten Year Capital Budgets will occur when mill rates are set.

Hwy 3 Parking
At the July 5th Council meeting, Councillor Emile Saindon asked Administration to seek further input and direction regarding the no parking signs which were recently installed on the south side of Hwy 3 in Frank.
He noted that on the north side of the road, signage reads “no parking over one tonne”, but there is no parking at all allowed on the south side.
He added that there are also issues with highway parking in Coleman, where many residents have no reasonable back lane access to their properties, and therefore must park on the highway.
He also noted that several semi trucks utilize parking on the boulevard near the motels and commercial businesses in Coleman.


“What’s the reasoning behind helter skelter,” Councillor Saindon asked. “If it’s going to be ‘no parking’ through the Crowsnest Pass, it should be ‘no parking’ period.”
“This system doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “There is no consistency.”
At the July 12th GPC meeting, Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson informed Council he had contacted Alberta Transportation on the matter, and was informed that the signs were installed for safety reasons.
He added that a representative of Alberta Transportation will attend the August 23rd GPC meeting in order to provide further information to Council and to come up with a long range plan.
“Residential parking needs require consideration,” said Thompson, “and road maintenance and safety are also major issues.”
Councillor Larry Mitchell said he would like Council to let Alberta Transportation know that they “don’t want any more studies”, and that “we want action”.
Mayor Bruce Decoux said he would like to see a plan in place prior to the meeting in order to have something substantial to discuss, so that Council is not simply getting a “lecture” from Alberta Transportation.
“We don’t need them here to lecture us, we need them here to discuss an appropriate plan,” said Mayor Decoux.
Thompson told Council he would be happy to put together a plan prior to the meeting, and added that it is up to Council to designate parking zones in the municipality.
Councillor Brian Gallant suggested that the “no parking” areas in both Frank and Coleman be changed to “no parking of vehicles over one tonne”.
Councillor Saindon said he would simply like to see the system standardized everywhere in the community.
“I think we can cooperatively come up with a way of dealing with this matter,” said Thompson.

Power Outage
Councillor Andrew Saje asked Administration to apprise Council of the cause of the power outage which occurred on Friday, July 8th.
Administration informed Council that the outage, which lasted for over an hour, was due to a failure in a Fortis substation, and was likely caused by the extreme wind which was present that day.
Councillor Saje asked how many citizens are reliant on electricity for healthy support, and how they are taken care of in the event of a power outage.
Mayor Bruce Decoux said that to his knowledge, there are currently 29 residents in that situation, and that during a power outage, there is a plan in place with the Crowsnest Pass Health Centre to transport those residents via the Town Rounder to the hospital where they can be cared for using the hospital’s backup generator.
Councillor Larry Mitchell asked Administration when the municipality’s backup generator will be moved to the municipal office.
“We are coming up with some options to have that included in next year’s program,” said Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson.

Dust Suppression Program
Councillor Larry Mitchell told Council and Administration that he had received several complaints from residents on McGillivray Road who are not pleased with current oiling and dust suppression practices on the roadway.
He noted that in different stretches, the road has never been oiled, others have no new oil, and only some are freshly oiled.
He said Council needs to determine if they are living up to the agreement they made with residents and with Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS), who use the road to haul lumber.
“I don’t think we’re doing that,” said Councillor Mitchell.
Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson told Council that he is currently putting together a plan to come up with a long term solution for the dust suppression program once SLS hauling on the road is complete.
“We have to review the whole thing and be prepared for a more improved program for next year,” said Thompson.

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