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Tuesday September 13th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"(Our) bylaw department is a reactive department, not a proactive department"
- Kevin Robins  
Interim CAO   


Brielle Will photo - Elk Valley Herald
The safe return of Kienen has his family thanking the individual who dropped him off in the unoccupied Hebert home, along with a message to the abductor on September 11th, 2011.
The three-year old boy’s parents, Tammy and Paul Hebert, sat at each other’s side in in seemingly mixed emotions of joy and exhaustion as they spoke to media, followed by RCMP Corporal Dan Moskaluk, media relations officer.
“To the person who returned Kienen safely to our family, I would like to say thank you,” said the father, Paul Hebert, nearly twelve hours after police were advised of Kienen’s whereabouts from an anonymous 911 call. The call was received around 3 a.m. local time on Sunday morning.
“It was the right thing to do. I thank God that Kienen was returned unharmed,” added Paul Hebert in his brief but moving public statement.
Kienen was abducted from his bed in Sparwood, B.C. sometime between midnight of September 6 and the next morning before 8:30 a.m. when he was reported missing to RCMP.
Four long days later, volunteers, search and rescue, community members and all other present at the media conference applauded with a wave of relief as Moskaluk reported a positive health assessment for the toddler completed by medical personnel earlier in the day.
“Kienen is unharmed and reported to be in good spirits and is happy to be reunited with his family,” said media relations officer, having never witnessed anything like this case in his 26 years of policing. “This is one day I will remember for a longtime.”
It is unknown as to whether the boy was emotionally affected; however, Mosaluk said he could see Kienen is a “pretty resilient little guy” after spending time with him over the day.
Moskaluk said it is undetermined as to how Kienen was placed back in his home.
“This individual taking the child undetected and placing him back undetected is a very chilling prospect,” said the RCMP Corporal.
The search continues for the convicted sex offender Randall Peter Hopley, 46, who is believed to be the abductor and known to many in the Elk Valley.
Moskaluk added that he hopes to have a conversation with Randall Peter Hopley, similar to that of Paul Hebert’s initial plea for Kienen’s return 24 hours earlier, which resulted in the most remarkable of outcomes.

“I’d like to talk to you, Randall,” stated Moskaluk. “You’ve corrected many things and as the days have progressed, we know you have a story to tell.”
“We want you to reach out and come and talk to us. We are concerned for your well being,” said Moskaluk.
Roadblocks have been set-up along Hwy 3 and Hwy 43, as police check all vehicles going through the Sparwood area.
Although safety of families in their own home is now a question of concern for many, the overall sense of jubilation overwhelms the coal mining mountain community, as the first half of the investigation is now over.
“The are far from completing this investigation,” said Moskaluk. “The child is safe, now we have to figure out what exactly it is that happened.”
Along with 60 main core unit investigators and Search and Rescue (SAR), there are also a huge number of RCMP members assigned from detachments throughout province. As well, there was a convergence of approximately 200 volunteers each day, according to Jeff Smedley, Prince George SAR manager.
“There is no way we would have completed this job without the people in the community,” said Smedley. “All of the work and effort that we need to do and have put in since last week has paid off. I am rather ecstatic right now”
Early Sunday morning, Paul Hebert said the return of his son is a miracle, and he was humbled by the support from the community and nation throughout the distressing time.
“There may be one person out there doing bad things, but there are a thousand more doing good things,” he said as he stood with his reunited family on the front lawn of their current accommodations, across the street from their Hebert residence.
Police are requesting people remain vigilant for Hopley and his vehicle, a brown four-door 1987 Toyota Camry with licence plate 198RAL.
Hopley, the prime suspect, has an extensive criminal background including sexual assault, assault and 12 break-in convictions. The 46-year-old is described as a caucasian male with brown hair, hazel eyes, five foot ten and 147 Lbs.
A second attempt of child abduction occurred on the evening of Hebert’s disappearance, which is still under investigation.
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