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Tuesday September 13th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"(Our) bylaw department is a reactive department, not a proactive department"
- Kevin Robins  
Interim CAO   


Municipal Facility Audit
Council received a
request from Administration to undertake an audit of municipal facilities, in order to appropriately prepare for the 10 year capital budget.
The audit would
include site review, study of structures including
architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical overview, and establishing life expectancy.
“(This would) give us an indication of the life expectancy of these
buildings, based on a growth scenario in the community years down the road as the
community grows,” said Interim Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Robins.
The facilities which would be addressed in the audit include the Council Administration building in Coleman,
Albert Stella Memorial Arena, Pass Pool, Crowsnest Sports
Complex, MDM Centre, and Hillcrest and
Coleman Operational Services buildings.
Robins estimates the audit to cost approximately $90,000, which would come out of the Municipal Sustainability Grant funding, which covers operational
expenses dealing with capital infrastructure.
Robins said
additional municipally owned properties, such as seniors facilities in
Coleman and Blairmore, the Elks Hall, and fire halls may also be
included in the audit.
“Our intention is to look at every municipal building that we own,” said Robins.
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to table the issue until such a time that further information can be
The emotion was
defeated, with all but Councillors Mitchell and Jerry Lonsbury opposed.
Councillor Andrew Saje moved to accept Administration’s recommendation to undertake the audit, and to authorize Administration to adjust the budget accordingly.
The motion was
carried 5-2, with
Councillors Mitchell and Lonsbury opposed.
Bylaw Activity Report
Council received a Bylaw Activity Report from Bylaw Officer Larry Iutzi, outlining bylaw
enforcement activity
during the period of
January to September 2011.
In his report, Iutzi
indicated that during that period, 170 files have been generated, 20 of which were in the first quarter, 60 in the second quarter, and
approximately 90 in July and August.
“This seems to be the pattern over the last
couple of years,” Iutzi said in his report.
“The summer months are crazy, with a variety of complaints.”
Included in the
enforcement were 31 long grass and weed
infractions, totaling $4,500 in fines.

The remainder of the files consist of traffic, noise, garbage, seeding, snowmobile and ATV, and spring cleanup
Three houses have also been demolished and removed as a result of Compliance Orders, and there are plans for a fourth to be demolished this month.
Iutzi informed
Council that RCMP
provided him with a
tripod mounted laser for speed violations,
resulting in $4,000 in fines since May.
“The advantage is that it is extremely
accurate, vehicle specific, and used in a stationary mode, so no fuel is burned and no hazards are created in pursuing violators,” Iutzi said.
Councillor Emile
Saindon asked why the bylaw officer has been spending so much time
issuing speeding tickets, a duty of the RCMP.
Interim CAO Kevin Robins told Council that this is mainly due to
traffic enforcement not being a priority of RCMP.
“This report is very
indicative of the fact that your bylaw department is a reactive department, and not a proactive
department,” Robins also said.
“That, in itself, is an issue.”
Mayor Bruce Decoux thanked Iutzi for
providing the report,
noting that bylaw
enforcement is taking
positive steps forward.
“We have been
operating in a state of
confusion,” said Mayor Decoux.
“I think we are well on the way to turning things around in this area.”
The report was
accepted as information.

Development Feasibility Study
Council received a
request from Administration to undertake the first phase of a feasibility study on the Crowsnest Centre Lands.
The study would serve to identify
development opportunities for the property, as well as appropriate uses.
The projected cost of the study is $4,000, which would come out of the Crowsnest Centre budget, which was allocated for
insurance purposes,
according to Director of
Finance and Systems
Marion Vanoni.
“This becomes a very useful document for
Council to use in the
future when trying to
attract commercial ventures onto that site,” said Interim CAO Kevin Robins.
“I believe that this is the most appropriate step to take,” he said.
“It allows Council to determine how to market that property.”
Councillor Andrew Saje voiced his belief that the public would like to see Council move forward on the issue.
“I think we should go ahead,” said Councillor Saje.
“The public wants us to move on that centre.”
Councillor Saje moved to accept the recommendation of Administration to
undertake the study.
The motion was
carried 6-1, with all but Councillor Siegbert Gail in favour.

Councillor Absence
Councillor Brian
Gallant and Mayor Bruce Decoux will be absent from the September 22nd GPC meeting.

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