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Tuesday Sept. 20th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"The night time, it's scary to the kids now, because the Boogie Man was real."
- Paul Hebert  


Brielle Will photo
Mine Rescue team members remove a volunteer
victim from a building for the fire task.
The 10th biannual
National Western Regional Mine Rescue Competition (NRMRC) saw national and local teams not only take home the winning trophies, but also shine as heroes in the search for a local boy, as the event was hosted in Fernie on September 9th and 10th.
Teck’s Elkview mining operation rescue team won the overall surface competition.
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Brielle Will photo
As well as bringing home the top surface award, Sparwood’s Elkview team also won the smoke search task and the written exam, with Greenhills placing first in the fire task.
“We are very proud of all of what our local and regional teams have done to prepare for the events,” said Fernie Mayor Cindy
“And we are honoured we have been able to host this event since its inception in 1992.”
Yellowknife, N.W.T. mine rescue team Diavik won the overall underground competition on the first day of the mine rescue tasks.
The event had each team take part in eight mine rescue activities, including smoke, fire, extrication, rope, practical skills, bench problems to test the team technician of his efficiency, a first aid test, and a written exam.
The weekend was a busy one for all teams who took part, particularly for Regina’s mine rescue team Mosaic Potash Belle Plaine, and Baker Lake, Nunavut’s Agnico, both of whom helped with the search and rescue for then missing Sparwood toddler, Kienen Hebert.
Following the two-day event was an awards banquet, which had nearly 600 attendees, including district mayors from throughout the Elk Valley and a speech from Mayor Corrigan.

Both Corrigan and
District of Sparwood Acting Mayor Sharon Fraser said they were impressed to see some of teams go out on their day off to help with the local search, making the banquet second in priority.
“It was amazing to see this team take their time and arrive late for their own banquet after they went out to search for a little boy,” stated Fraser.
A standing ovation occurred as Regina’s Potash mining team arrived well after the banquet had begun.
“It gives me shivers thinking about it,” said the Fernie Mayor.
“There is a lot of stress on the teams in competition, and for them to go out again on the day after was just amazing.”
Corrigan noted that these teams helped out because it was well within their expertise.
Several local mining teams not involved with the competition also volunteered for the search.
“Every time something happens in this valley this is what happens - everyone pulls together,” stated
“I am not sure that happens everywhere, and especially in big centres of the world.”
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Brielle Will photo
Solvay, Wyo. mine rescue team members treat a volunteer victim from an entanglement and smoke task.
During Corrigan’s speech, she gave a huge thank-you to everyone in the community.
“I want to acknowledge the business community that supported this event from Fernie, Sparwood, and
Elkford,” she added.
“And a personal thank-you to all of the teams for your efforts in the tasks, and mine rescue activity, as well as to the people in their lives for supporting them.”
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