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Tuesday Sept. 27th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"The biggest highlight for me was being able to see everyone show their support for the Rypien family."
- Rory Snider  


Bylaw Audit Report
Administration presented the 2011 Bylaw Services Audit, completed by Donna Tona of
Transitional Solutions Inc., to Council at last week’s meeting.
An executive summary of the audit was also presented to members of the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber’s September luncheon.
The audit addresses enforcement activities undertaken by the municipal Bylaw Officer during the year, the duties of a Bylaw Officer versus those of a Peace Officer, and recommended changes to current bylaw enforcement practices.
The recommendations include moving toward a Peace Officer program, which would require the hiring of one to two officers, standardization of operating procedures, proper case management, traffic plans, strategic plans, training and equipment budgets, vehicles, proper protective equipment, crest and vehicle decaling, and proper light packages.
In the interim, the report suggests continuing to function as a Bylaw department until Peace Officer appointments are provided by the Solicitor General.
Councillor Siegbert Gail moved to accept the report as information.
The motion was carried unanimously.

CT Scanner
Council received a letter from President and Chief Executive Officer of Alberta Health Services (AHS) Chris Eagle regarding the placement of a CT scanner in the Crowsnest Health Centre.


“AHS is currently in the process of identifying capital equipment needs and prioritizing those needs provincially to ensure the appropriate and effective utilization of our limited capital equipment dollars,” Eagle wrote in the letter.
“Included in that prioritization process will be a review of the need for items such as a CT scanner for the South Zone.”
Eagle noted that AHS will consider population and demographics of the service area, proximity and access to facilities and technology elsewhere, specialty services available in the community, emergency and acute care activity, overall health of the population, prevailing industry and recreational activities as part of its review.
Council accepted the letter as information.

Culture and Rec Board
Councillor Andrew Saje informed Council that the Culture and Recreation Board, of which he is a member, is currently reviewing its bylaws regarding practices and procedures.
“We are making sure we are complying and adhering to best practices in the province in terms of being a Culture and Recreation Board,” said Councillor Saje.
“In the past, the reason the board hasn’t been working isn’t because of the people, but because of the process and the structure,” he said.
“Council is reviewing that, and it is going to be a better direction forward for the community.”

Meeting cancellation
The September 27th Governance and Priorities Committee meeting has been cancelled due to Councillor absence.

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