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Tuesday October 4th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"We've heard good things about Crowsnest, and the people here are friendly"
- Sergeant Keith Bott  


Sergeant Keith Bott joined the Crowsnest Pass RCMP last Wednesday, September 28th, replacing Scott Howard, who transferred to the Red Deer RCMP last month.
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Sergeant Keith Bott joined the Crowsnest Pass RCMP last Wednesday, September 28th.
Howard served as Sergeant of the Crowsnest Pass detachment for the past five years, and
Sergeant Bott said he is looking forward to taking the reigns.
Sergeant Bott transferred to Crowsnest Pass from Cold Lake, where he served for the past four years.
“Cold Lake was a lovely place to work,” said Sergeant Bott.
“A lot of the issues with being a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is having to bounce around from town to town over the years, but Cold Lake is one of those places where the military and air force base up there means there are a lot of people who are in the same circumstance we’re in.”
“They’re bouncing around too, so they’re open and outgoing people who want to make friends and meet people just like we are.”
Sergeant Bott said it was difficult for his family to move away from their life in Cold Lake but that they are looking forward to their time in the Pass.
“We’ve heard good things about Crowsnest and the people here are friendly,” he said.
“We’re looking forward to coming in here and making good friends here, too.”
Having been born and raised in Rocky Mountain House, Sergeant Bott said he is familiar with the mountains and is looking forward to getting the opportunity to utilize the extensive recreation opportunities at his disposal.
“I’m really looking forward to living right in the mountains,” he said, adding that he and his wife, Patti have already taken in a few of the trails and gone fishing and that they are excited to go cross-country skiing and quadding.

“I’m really looking forward to spending time outside,” he said.
“This is beautiful country, so we’re looking forward to getting out and exploring it.”
Sergeant Bott, 48, joined the RCMP at the age of 24, after he was inspired to join at his brother’s graduation from the RCMP training academy.
“I went to his graduation and I really was impressed with the esprit de corps (morale) and the teamwork, and that kind of enthused me to get into the RCMP,” he said.
He said prior to joining, he loved playing team sports, and saw a lot of correlation between the two.
“I never considered myself a good athlete… but I could contribute as a team member,” he said.
“When you get the right person for the right job and everybody is firing on all cylinders, it’s amazing what you can do as far as teamwork is concerned.”
“That’s my intention here in this office and in working with other emergency services and the municipality,” he said.
In his first couple days at the detachment, Sergeant Bott met with various agencies such as Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, Conservation, Search and Rescue, Fire Departments and the Municipality.
“I’m looking forward to working with (the Municipality) as far as whatever changes they have in mind,” he said.
“It appears that they are very proactive and really looking forward to the future.”
“I’m not afraid of change, because any change is usually for a good purpose.”
He said there are also some changes taking place within the RCMP which he is excited about.
“The RCMP is starting to become more responsible with emergency response and preparedness outside of the usual criminal enforcement,” said Sergeant Bott.
“That we still continue to do and always will do but we’re starting to get the other agencies more involved in participating and assisting us.”
Having worked at the main centre during the Slave Lake wildfires,
Sergeant Bott experienced first hand what can be accomplished when multiple agencies work together toward a common goal.
“That was incredible,” he said.
“All under one roof you had the fire departments, emergency medical, Alberta Emergency Management and groups like the Salvation Army.”
“You can accomplish a lot when you work together.”
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