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Tuesday October 11th, 2011  
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- Shael Davidson  


Crowsnest Advisory Committee
Council received a recommendation from Administration to disband the adhoc committee known as the Crowsnest Advisory Committee.
The committee, also known as the Crowsnest Action Committee, was formed in December 2008, consisting of four members of Community Futures, four members of the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce and five members of Council, in order to discuss economic development and other issues in the community.
In May 2011, the
Economic Task Force recommended as part of its final report that Council disband the committee as it had lost momentum and had not met in over a year.
“Disbanding the committee does not necessarily mean the work of that committee would be lost,” said Director of Finance and Systems Marion Vanoni.
“Information would be brought forward to other committees who would continue to work on those issues.”
Councillor Brian
Gallant said it would be his preference to meet with the members of the committee before disbanding it.
“They might have some ideas about how this can be done,” said Councillor Gallant.
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury noted that very few members of the original committee are still serving on the committee and moved that Council disband the committee and write a letter to former members expressing Council’s thanks for the report which had been submitted.
The motion was approved unanimously.

Property Tax Recovery
Director of Finance and Systems Marion Vanoni informed Council that there are four properties which are currently scheduled for auction on November 30th, in order to recover outstanding property taxes.
The four residential properties - two of which are located in Coleman, one in Bellevue and one inBlairmore - will be assessed by an independent appraiser, who will establish recommended reserve bids based on market value.


The municipality will also perform an assessment, and the higher of the two assessments will be placed as the reserve bid.
The outstanding taxes on each of the properties have been in arrears since 2008, and the total amount owing for all four properties is $23,709.
“The intent of the sale is to recover property taxes and miscellaneous costs,” Vanoni told
“The balance will then be placed into a trust and distributed to the property owners and third parties… within 14 days.”
In response to a query from Councillor Emile Saindon, Vanoni informed Council that all of the properties are currently occupied by the owners and that Administration has made every effort to contact and work with the owners regarding their tax payments.
“At any time leading up to the auction, they may pay those taxes,” said Vanoni.
Councillor Siegbert Gail moved that Council proceed with the auction, which is scheduled for 11 a.m. on November 30th in the Municipal Office.
The motion was approved unanimously.

Library Board

Council received a request from the Crowsnest Pass Library Board to approve the appointment of two new board members.
As a result of the appointments, Blairmore residents Brad McKenzie and Shelley Kuta will replace former board members Cheryl Norman and Scott Howard, respectively.
Councillor Emile Saindon moved that Council approve the appointments.
The motion was carried unanimously.
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   Volume 81 - Issue 41   email:   $1.00   
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