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Tuesday October 11th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"Everybody should have warm feet at Christmas."
- Shael Davidson  


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Four-year-old Shael Davidson is collecting pairs of socks
and other basic needs items for local kids this Christmas.
Local boy Shael Davidson, with help from his father, Mike, will be collecting pairs of socks for area children who need them this holiday season.
Through a charity drive entitled “Shael’s Socks from Santa”, donation boxes will be set up at various locations around the community starting this week until the days leading up to Christmas, where people can donate new pairs of unused socks and other basic needs items.
“If you don’t have a lot under your tree, a new pair of socks can feel like a heck of a lot,” said Mike Davidson.
“It’s an inexpensive, simple item, but something that kids can spend a few dollars and buy a pair of socks and throw them in the bin and feel like they’ve helped somebody else in their community.”
Davidson said his son got the idea while they were watching a television program about recycling in different parts of the world.
Shael became intrigued by the image of a young boy who was picking plastic containers out of a pile of garbage in a third-world country, when he noticed the boy had dirty, bare feet.
“He couldn’t understand why the boy didn’t have socks on,” said Davidson.
Davidson explained to Shael that there are a lot of people in the world who are less fortunate, including people in his own community.
After hearing this, Davidson said his son immediately wanted to help out by collecting pairs of socks for other kids in the community.
Initially calling on donations from family members, Davidson soon realized the potential of a larger charity drive.
“We wanted to get local kids involved in helping others,” said Davidson.

“For kids to feel like they’re making a difference in their community, I think is pretty cool.”
After meeting with the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank Society, Davidson learned that several local charities are also in need of donations of other new, unused basic needs items such as toothbrushes, boy’s and girl’s underwear, hats, pajamas and mittens, for kids ranging from newborn to teenage.
These items can be dropped off at donations boxes which will be set up at various locations around the community, including The Bargain Shop, Rexall, the
Blairmore Post Office, Copy Magic, The Pass Herald, Kid’s Kollege and Brighter Futures in the MDM Community Complex, and Parent Link at Horace Allen School.
After being collected, items will be taken to the food bank, where they will be distributed to families in need.
“Something that started off as a really simple idea of (Shael’s) has just been embraced by everybody,” said Davidson.
“The community couldn’t be more enthusiastic – it has kind of grown a life of its own.”
If you ask Shael why he wanted to conduct this charity drive, his answer is heart-warmingly simple.
“People need socks if they don’t have socks and we want to deliver some to them,” said Shael.
“Everybody should have warm feet at Christmas.”
Any organizations or businesses which would like to have a donation box or poster placed in their facility can contact Mike Davidson at 403-563-7097, or email
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   Volume 81 - Issue 41   email:   $1.00   
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