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Tuesday October 18th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"The facts are that the world is changing and we have to change with it or get left behind."
- Mayor Bruce Decoux  


Community Recreation Facility
Council received a presentation from local resident Frank Loseth - who took members of Council on a tour of the community earlier this year to identify some local issues - detailing his concerns and suggestions.
Loseth noted that during the tour, he pointed out issues to members of Council and Administration, including light poles on Hwy 3 which needed to be painted, out-of-control weed populations, the narrow bridge near the Lost Lemon Campground where he says a reduced speed limit sign should be posted in order to reduce the possibility of collisions, and a crosswalk which should be installed in order to allow pedestrians to cross Hwy 40 in Coleman safely.
Mayor Bruce Decoux noted that Council has undertaken many of the suggestions made by Loseth, and that they appreciated all of his input.
Loseth then suggested that Council meet with Saskatchewan’s South
Central Enterprise Region CEO Deb Thorn and Moosejaw Council to discuss the city’s spa / recreation centre.
He said Thorn, who was instrumental in the recreation centre project, wishes to meet with Crowsnest Pass Council and discuss how planners for the Moosejaw facility got investors on board, how they got the banks involved, and other factors which contributed to the success of the project.
Loseth said Thorn wishes to meet with Council in Moosejaw at their earliest convenience, before they make their way here in the spring.
Mayor Decoux informed Loseth that Council has discussed the possibility of having Thorn come to speak to the community at the spring town hall meeting.
“That might be a viable opportunity to have her come talk to the whole community,” said Mayor Decoux.

Disaster Assistance
Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson informed Council that the application submitted in June for disaster relief for damage sustained by flooding between May 23rd and June 8th has been received, and that the funds should be arriving shortly.


He also noted that the Municipality and the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) would be running a disaster recovery program registration centre at the Elks Hall in Blairmore on Thursday, October 13th where residents could register claims for damage incurred due to overland flooding and groundwater seepage resulting from the heavy rainfall.
Thompson informed Council that Administration had been in contact with those residents who were significantly affected by the flooding, and informed them of the service.
He also said that in the case that a resident was unable to attend the registration evening but would still like to register a claim, Administration can assist them in doing so.
“If you can attribute any damage you sustained to ground surge flooding, you are covered,” said
Interim Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Robins.

Herbicide Application
Councillor Larry Mitchell informed Council and Administration that he would like to see information provided to the public announcing when areas in the community are going to be sprayed with herbicides.
He said his main concern was residents with breathing problems such as asthma not being aware of the spraying, which can have adverse affects on their breathing.
Director of Operational Systems Myron Thompson informed Council that
Administration is working on developing a turf maintenance program this winter to be adopted next year, and that as part of developing the program, current herbicide use and practices will be reviewed.
He said Administration will also bring forward a herbicide bylaw before spring, and that the bylaw will pertain to this issue.
At that time, he said, there will be better public notification.

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   Volume 81 - Issue 42   email:   $1.00   
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