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Tuesday October 25th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"(The Chamber of Commerce) is really where the core of this community is."
- Sergeant Keith Bott  


Council Committee Appointments
Council approved the following committee appointments for Councillors:
Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties representative – Mayor Bruce Decoux; Affordable Housing – Councillor Brian Gallant; Agricultural Services Board – Councillor Jerry Lonsbury; Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance – Mayor Bruce Decoux; Assessment Appeal Board – Councillors Brian Gallant, Jerry Lonsbury, and Siegbert Gail; Waste Management – Councillors Siegbert Gail, Emile Saindon and Brian Gallant; Senior Housing – Councillors Siegbert Gail and Jerry Lonsbury; Culture and Recreation – Councillor Andrew Saje; Family and Community Support Services – Councillor Jerry Lonsbury; Library and CARLS – Councillor Emile Saindon; Management Negotiating Committee – Councillor Larry Mitchell and Mayor Bruce Decoux; Municipal Heritage Board – Councillor Brian Gallant; Oldman River Regional Services Commission – Councillors Larry Mitchell and Jerry Lonsbury; Protective Services – Councillor Larry Mitchell; Ski Hill Authority – Councillor Andrew Saje; Snowmobile/Trails – Councillor Andrew Saje; Spray Lakes Public Advisory Committee – Councillor Emile Saindon; Subdivision and Development Appeal – Councillor Brian Gallant; Subdivision and Development Authority – Councillors Andrew Saje and Larry Mitchell.

Deputy Mayor Schedule
Councillors will serve as Deputy Mayor for the following terms:
November / December – Councillor Larry Mitchell, January / February – Councillor Jerry Lonsbury, March / April – Councillor Siegbert Gail, May / June – Councillor Larry Mitchell, July / August – Councillor Andrew Saje, September / October – Councillor Brian Gallant, November / December – Councillor Emile Saindon.

Ag Services Board Appointments
Council received a request from Agricultural Fieldman Kim Lutz to appoint Bridget Graf, Dale Pulkinen, Lorraine Halton, Loretta Thompson and Sheldon Steinke to the Agricultural Services Board, and that Councillor Jerry Lonsbury represent Council on the board.
Councillor Lonsbury made the motion to approve the request.
The motion was carried unanimously.


Heritage Board Funding Request
Council received a request from the Crowsnest Pass Municipal Heritage Board for funding for two delegates to attend the Municipal Hertiage Forum, which will be held in Edmonton on October 27th and 28th.
Mayor Bruce Decoux said he was uncomfortable with Council being asked to approve a “blank cheque”, as an exact dollar amount had not been requested by the board, simply that “funding” be provided.
“We can’t put Council in a position of having to approve costs we are unaware of,” said Mayor Decoux.
Mayor Decoux suggested that Council postpone the issue to be discussed at the November 1st Council meeting, so as to provide the board sufficient time to provide proper information including the exact amount requested.
Councillor Andrew Saje also suggested that protocols addressing this issue should be put in place through a policy.
Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson told Council that regardless of the exact amount requested, Council does not have money budgeted for this purpose.
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury moved to deny the request for funding.
The motion was carried unanimously.

Heritage Board Appointment
Council received a request from the Municipal Heritage Board to appoint John Kinnear to the Municipal Heritage Board as the ECO Museum Trust Society representative.
Councillor Andrew Saje made a motion to approve the request, which was carried unanimously.

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   Volume 81 - Issue 43   email:   $1.00   
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