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Tuesday November 1st, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"The primary cause of bear deaths is too much contact between bears and people due to motorized access."
- Wendy Francis  


Electrical Distribution Overview
Council received a presentation from Kevin Phillips of Phillips Partners Inc., who discussed the municipality’s Electrical Distribution System.
Phillips went over how power is generated, interfaced and distributed within the province and the relationship of various municipalities with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) and Fortis Alberta.
He noted that Crowsnest Pass is one of four communities in the province with its own Distribution Facility – the others being Cardston, Ponoka and Fort Macleod – and that Fortis directly bills the municipality, which then bills consumers.
Director of Finance and Systems Marion Vanoni said that Council and Administration would like to institute a time when Council can meet with Phillips Partners Inc. to discuss the capital upgrades which will be required in Crowsnest Pass in the next three years, as part of planning for the three-year budget.
The presentation came one week after Council approved a contract with Enmax
Energy Corporation for a Regulated Rate Option and Default Supplier Services at the October 18th Council meeting by unanimous vote.
At the meeting, Council also passed first, second and third readings on both the Default Supplier Tariff Bylaw and the Regulated Rate Bylaw.
First and second readings, as well as the motion for consideration of third reading on both bylaws were approved unanimously, while third reading on both were carried 5-2, with Councillors Andrew Saje and Emile Saindon opposed.

Municipal Advertising
Interim Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Robins informed Council that Administration had prepared a draft proposal of the resolution pertaining to municipal advertising.
The resolution,which will be presented by Mayor Bruce Decoux to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC), asks for the associations’ support in urging Alberta Municipal Affairs to amend the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to allow municipalities to advertise using social media technology (such as municipal websites, Facebook and Twitter) in place of the requirements of advertising in at least one local newspaper circulating in the community or delivering the notice of bylaw, resolution, meeting, public hearing by mail to all residents.
Robins said that the issue had also been placed on the agenda for the Regional Mayors and Reeves meeting on November 21st.


“This is the first step in a long process that will ultimately bring the Municipal Government Act into play with using modern technology for the purposes of advertising and communicating with the public,” said Robins.
“Municipalities have spent substantial dollars and human resources time in the development and management of their social media technology, in order to provide timely and accurate communication with their residents.”
Also included in the resolution was background information prepared by Administration regarding advertising.
“In order to provide timely and accurate information to our residents, we have had to duplicate our costs and efforts,” states the report.
“We are of the opinion that an amendment to the MGA allowing municipalities to advertise… on their web sites would significantly reduce municipal costs and provide a more user friendly form of communication with our residents.”
Robins also noted that the intention of the resolution is to allow councils the option of choosing which information will be advertised solely online, and that the option of advertising in print media would still be available, but simply not mandatory.
Councillor Larry Mitchell asked that Administration include a definition of social media in the resolution, and Robins informed Council that a final, amended draft of the resolution will be brought forward for Council’s approval at the November 1st Council meeting.

Manager of Operational Services Hired
Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson informed Council that Administration had hired Robert Schulz for the position of Manager of Operational Services.
Schulz, who has 21 years of Public Works management experience with several municipalities in Saskatchewan as well as Innisfail, formally accepted the position on October 19th, and commenced duties on Monday, October 31st.
“We are very fortunate to have Robert join our organization,” said Thompson.
Schulz has been invited to attend the November 1st Council meeting to take part in formal introductions.

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