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Tuesday November 8th, 2011  
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Advertising amendment
Interim Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Robins presented the final draft of the resolution Mayor Bruce Decoux will present to various organizations regarding municipal advertising.
The resolution proposes an amendment to section 606 of the Municipal Government Act which would allow municipal governments to advertise notices of public hearing, notices of development, and other municipal advertising not only in print media and radio, but also through social media such as municipal websites, Facebook and Twitter.
“It has become apparent that the Municipal Government Act has not kept up with technology,” said Robins.
Included in the resolution is an extensive definition and examples of “social media”, as requested by Councillor Larry Mitchell at the October 25th Governance and Priorities Committee meeting.
Councillor Brian Gallant said he was in favour of expanding the resources available to Council to get its message out to the public, but that he was also in favour of continuing to advertise in traditional media.
“We have a responsibility to reach out to the public… advertising in print publications is simply one way of doing that,” said Councillor Gallant.
“It is important for Council to advertise in multiple forms, not just the internet.”
“The internet is a great tool, but it is important to have more than one platform to get the information across.”
According to Robins, 12 per cent of advertising paid for by the municipality in 2011 was mandated – such as notices of public hearing and notices of development – while the remainder was information which Council could be advertising online, instead.
“Social media is just one of many tools that a community uses to engage the public,” said Robins.
Councillor Larry Mitchell moved to support the amendment.
The motion was carried 6-1, with all but Councillor Brian Gallant in favour.
Regional partnerships Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson asked Council to direct
Administration to initiate a process of establishing a Steering Committee comprised of senior executives and Council representatives from the MD of Pincher Creek, MD of Ranchlands, Town of Pincher Creek,
Village of Cowley and Municipality of Crowsnest Pass in order to establish a framework and plan to investigate shared service opportunities.
Thompson said regional services which could be addressed include the Pincher Crowsnest Landfill
Association, SPCA, Pass PowderKeg Ski Resort, Peace Officer program, regionalized protective services, and sharing of senior administrative positions.

“These partnerships would decrease the financial burden on each organization,” said Thompson.
He said Administration had been in contact with each of the four identified Councils, and that positive responses have been received from the MD of Pincher Creek and Village of Cowley.
In addition, Thompson said Administration would follow up with the Town of Pincher Creek and MD of Ranchlands later in the week.
Once a steering committee is established, Thompson said members could apply for regional collaboration grant |funding through the provincial government, which could be utilized to assist with a study and other necessary steps to move the process forward.
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury said regional partnerships would be a good way to change the way Council does business, which has been a major focus for the past year.
“These are exciting possibilities that will benefit the area and benefit the taxpayers,” said Councillor Lonsbury.
Councillors Brian Gallant and Andrew Saje also voiced their support of pursuing such partnerships.
Councillor Emile Saindon said he would like to see the project move forward, and for Council to establish a list of five to 10 priorities to be discussed by the steering committee.
Councillor Andrew Saje moved that Council direct Administration to establish the steering committee.
The motion was carried unanimously.

Municipal facility audit
Council awarded a contract for an audit of 10 municipal facilities to Friesen Tokar Architects of Calgary for a fee of $54,500.
The audit was proposed at the September 6th Council meeting in order to determine the existing condition of the Municipal Administration building, MDM, Crowsnest Sports Complex, Albert Stella Memorial Arena, Pass Pool, Pass PowderKeg Ski Lodge, Bellevue Seniors Hall, Crowsnest Museum, and Blairmore and Coleman town shops.
Council originally approved a budget of $90,000 to undertake the audit, including a needs assessment which was later determined unnecessary.
The audit will play a vital role in determining replacement and repair costs, assisting in the budgeting process, and determining the 10-year Capital Infrastructure Replacement program.

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