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Tuesday November 8th, 2011  
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Kimberley Massey photo
A group of women discuss pieces during the opening of the
“Counting Crows” exhibit at the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery
in Frank on Saturday, October 29th.
“Counting Crows”, the newest exhibit on display at the Crowsnest Pass
Public Art Gallery, opened on Saturday, October 29th with a reception attended by dozens of art enthusiasts.
The exhibit features four dozen pieces by four Alberta-based artists - Kathryn Manry, Natalie Kurzuk, Pam Weber, and Penny Corradine - all of whom focus on depicting the mysterious birds.
Manry, Kurzuk and Corradine were all present to discuss their work and interests with visitors at the reception, which also featured a tai chi performance by Jane Sponiar.
Sponiar performed a series of four tai chi routines, which demonstrated the ideas of “the flow of the crow through tai chi” and “the freedom of flight and movement through air”.
Kurzuk, who has 10 paintings and a wire sculpture of a crow on display in the show, said she began focussing on crows in her work four years ago while living in Victoria.
On the day that would have been her father’s 100th birthday, she observed a large gathering of crows in a tree in her yard.
“I asked them why they had come and what messages they had from the spiritual world,” said Kurzuk.
“They were just very content and quiet, and I knew everything was fine.”
She said the birds proceeded to remain quietly in the tree, prompting her to grab her camera and photograph the birds, leading her to develop a strong spiritual connection with the birds.
She has been painting birds for the past three years, and was approached last year by Manry, who was interested in exhibiting with other artists who paint crows.
The pair discussed the possibility of finding more like-minded artists and doing a group show, and sent out a proposal to eight galleries, getting an approval back from five.

Manry, who is a member of the Breeding Bird Survey program and the Calgary Bird Banding
Society, said she has always had an interest in birds, and that anyone who spends time observing them will inevitably develop a fondness for crovids (crows, ravens and jays).
“It’s that complex behaviour that comes from that intelligent mind that’s really interesting.”
She said crows are also very interesting because their social structures and behaviours echo that of humans in many ways.
“I think they are the birds that we, as humans, can most closely relate to, as so much of their nature seems to parallel our own society.”
All pieces featured in the show are available for purchase, and range in price from $175 to $1,250.
The exhibit will be on display until December 11th.
For more information, call the Art Gallery at 403-562-2218.
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   Volume 81 - Issue 45   email:   $1.00   
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