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Tuesday November 22nd, 2011  
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The Blairmore Best Canadian Motor Inn restaurant and lounge
were destroyed by flames on November 5th.
Crews are currently working to clean out and restore the Blairmore Best Canadian Motor Inn, the restaurant and lounge of which were destroyed by fire on November 5th.
According to Kevin Cox of Belfor Property Restoration, workers are currently dealing with the contents of the hotel.
“Those contents which are salvageable are being restored and cleaned, and those which aren’t are being disposed of,” said Cox.
BCMI General Manager Gary Farstad noted that nine dumpsters of unsalvageable material has been taken to the landfill so far.
“They almost have the whole thing emptied,” he said.
Cox added that an engineer was also on site last week to inspect the structure and determine which areas of the hotel are write-offs and which can be restored.
Farstad said he expects roughly half of the building will need to be bulldozed and reconstructed, including the entire restaurant and bar area, as well as part of the lobby.
“Half of the job will be demolition and rebuilding,” said Farstad.
“About three quarters of the room site will need to be stripped to wood and concrete and fully restored.”

The process will take a few months, he said, after bids are received from construction companies and an architect comes in to go over plans and determine structural integrity.
He said the hotel’s owners may also potentially invest into expanding the hotel upon renovation.
“There is the potential of the owners investing more and adding more rooms,” said Farstad.
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Kimberley Massey photo
Crews work to clean out and restore the Blairmore Best Canadian Motor Inn.
“The owners are 100 per cent committed to the community and have said they are interested in adding some of their own money to the rebuild to make it better.”
Farstad said it will most likely be eight to 12 months before the hotel is up and running again.
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