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Tuesday November 22nd, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"It's about proving to myself that I have the strength to overcome myself."
- Julie Anderson  


Kimberley Massey photo
Julie Anderson, 36, participated in seven marathons and triathlons
this year, including the Sole Survivor Foot Race in Blairmore
on Saturday, July 17th, as seen above.
Frank resident Julie Anderson recently competed in the Great Floridian Ultra Race - a triathlon in Clermont, Fla. - completing the course in an overall time of 12:19:56 and breaking her personal swim record.
Anderson was the first woman out of the water at the end of the first of two swim loops, ultimately completing both loops with a time of 1:05:16.
Her fast time in the water also contributed majorly to Anderson coming in first in her age group and finishing as the fourth overall female, after completing a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, and 42.2 km run course.
Anderson said she wasn’t aware of her swim time until she finished the entire race and was overjoyed with the news that she had broken her personal record.
“That alone was huge for me,” said Anderson.
“It’s nice when you put in all this time over years and years and it finally starts to pay off.”
The 36-year-old ran her first triathlon – the Strathmore Sprint – in 2004 at the age of 29, the same year she took her very first swimming lesson.
“I spent most of my life leery of the water, not knowing how to swim,” said Anderson, who was taught how to swim by her neighbour’s granddaughters at the pool in Sparwood.
“I remember taking three strokes and then having to stand up in the pool to catch my breath… this is why I am still so emotional about this,” she said.
“Hard work, consistent work, pays off.”

Through full-time training – an average of 15 to 17 hours per week – and competing in seven or eight triathlons every year, Anderson said she was able to go from just being excited to finish a race at all, to actually setting time goals for herself and getting stronger as a runner and biker, and mostly notably as a swimmer.
“I knew I was swimming faster than before I could feel things coming together in the water,” said Anderson.
“But to swim that well literally put me in tears.”
Anderson also bested her time for the Subaru Ironman Canada, in which she competed only two months prior to the Great Floridian.
She completed the course – the same as that of the Great Floridian – in a time of 12:57:58, taking a couple of weeks off before getting back into training mode.
Since 2004, Anderson has competed in 34 Olympic, Half Iron Man (HIM) and Ironman triathlons, including the Subaru Ironman Canada seven times, the Great White North HIM three times, Ironman Coeur D’Alene, Osoyoos HIM, and other local sprint races such as the Sole Survivor, Elkford Sprint, Lethbridge Olympic and Calgary 70.3.
Anderson said triathlons appeal to her because “you learn so much about yourself.”
“Anything can go wrong, and it’s all in how you deal with it,” she said, adding that any difficulties or mistakes experienced during an extended marathon such as an ironman are only
exaggerated due to the length and intensity of the course.
“If you’re just running a 10 km race it’s not a big deal if something goes wrong, but when you’re running an ironman… any mistake can throw everything off.”
“I get this immense satisfaction when I can push through all the negative crap, and there is a lot of negative crap that comes with it,” she said.
“It’s about proving to myself that I have the strength to overcome myself.”
Anderson said the Great Floridian was her last race for 2011 but that she will soon be back to work training for the many races she plans to take part in 2012.
To read more about some of the races Anderson has taken part in this year, visit her blog.
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