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Tuesday November 29th, 2011  
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"Teaching has been an enjoyable journey and a great joy of mine."
- Aggie Mitchell  


A 17-year-old Lethbridge male has been charged under provisions of the Canadian Aviation Regulations for pointing a green laser at the cockpit of a helicopter, following a lengthy RCMP investigation.
The incident occurred at approximately 11:45 p.m. during the Thunder in the Valley fireworks display on July 16th in Blairmore.
While performing air patrols of the crowd, the pilot and tactical flight officer of an RCMP helicopter noted on two occasions that a green laser beam was pointed at the cockpit of the aircraft.
The pilot was able to locate the origin of the laser and with the
assistance of police on the ground, the young male offender was identified and located and the laser was seized.
The youth, whose identity cannot be
released due to provisions of the Young Offenders Act, is scheduled to
appear in Pincher Creek Provincial Court this
Friday, December 2nd.
According to RCMP, while no injuries were sustained to the flight crew, the potential for
injury was very high due to the intensity of the laser.

Crowsnest Pass RCMP Corporal Kevin McKenna noted that bright green lasers can produce a distraction as well as a condition known as “flash blindness” to
In Line
“Never shine any form of laser light up into the sky and especially never towards an aircraft.”
- Corporal Kevin McKenna  
In Line
“This becomes especially dangerous when the aircraft is
landing or taking off, as it may result in the crash of the aircraft,” said Cpl. McKenna.
The laser could also cause permanent damage to the eyes of aircrew members, he noted.
Cpl. McKenna said there are many incidents of shining a high-
powered laser toward an
airborne aircraft every year and that the public are reminded that what may appear to be a small or insignificant laser light beam will in fact reach a high flying aircraft and has the potential to cause fatal results.
“Never shine any form of laser light up into the sky and especially never towards an
aircraft,” said Cpl. McKenna.
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   Volume 81 - Issue 48   email:   $1.00   
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