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Tuesday December 13th, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
"Being able to resolve this issue for our customers has been a top priority."
- Jennifer MacGowan  


Interim budget approved
Council voted to adopt the 2011 Operating Budget as the 2012 Interim Operating Budget until the 2012-2014 triennial budget is deliberated and approved.
Director of Finance and Systems Marion Vanoni said Administration is currently in the process of preparing the first draft of the triennial budget, and that an interim budget has to be adopted until that time.
“Administration is working very diligently to bring information together so that we can prepare a budget for Council to start deliberations in January and February,” said Vanoni.
“This will no longer be a predicament in the future, as triennial budgeting will become the norm.”
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury moved to adopt the 2011 budget as the interim 2012 budget.
The motion was approved unanimously.

Property tax bylaw
Council passed second and third readings of the Property Tax Penalties Bylaw, which will facilitate an increase in penalty applied to outstanding property taxes.
Property taxes which are not paid as of the deadline of June 30th will have a penalty of 52.19 per cent applied to their balance.
Councillor Siegbert Gail moved second reading of the bylaw, which was carried unanimously.
Councillor Brian Gallant then moved third reading, which was also carried unanimously.

Board appointments
Council approved a recommendation from various boards to appoint new board members for the 2012 year.
Councillor Larry Mitchell moved to accept the recommendation of the Subdivision and Development Authority to appoint Dale Paton.
The motion was carried, with Mayor Bruce Decoux and Councillors Emile Saindon and
Andrew Saje opposed.


Councillor Brian Gallant then moved to appoint Dino Ianni to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, which was carried unanimously.
Councillor Emile Saindon moved to appoint Sasha Jaeger-Baird to the Municipal Heritage Board, which was carried unanimously.
Finally, Councillor Jerry Lonsbury moved to appoint Patricia Lundy to the Crowsnest Pass Seniors’ Housing Board, which was also carried unanimously.

Rum Runner Days Committee
At the November 29th GPC meeting, Councillor Emile Saindon volunteered to head a committee of Councillors to recruit qualified volunteers to help plan, organize and manage the annual Rum Runner Days festivities, after a lack of response to a call for volunteers.
Mayor Bruce Decoux suggested that Council compile a list of qualified volunteers and begin a process of recruitment in order to begin planning for the event as soon as possible.
Several Councillors noted they had a list of names of people who may be willing to volunteer on the committee.
At the December 6th Council meeting, Councillor Saindon suggested that volunteers could also be reached through advertising and word of mouth and that anyone who may be interested in participating should be contacted.
Councillor Siegbert Gail volunteered to assist in recruiting.
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   Volume 81 - Issue 50   email:   $1.00   
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