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Tuesday December 20th, 2011  
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Drive underway for Crowsnest Can Do Cultural and Recreation society
A membership drive is currently underway for the Crowsnest Can Do Cultural and Recreation Society, which hopes to fundraise, plan and facilitate the construction of a viable, multi-purpose recreation centre in the community.
The society plans to hold its first general meeting at the end of January, when it will strike an executive and begin assembling teams who will address different starting priorities for the facility, which may include an aquatic centre, indoor track, racquet ball courts, weight room, gymnasium dance studio, live theatre facility and food services.
“First off we will be looking into possible fund-raising options, as well as site reviews and engineering studies,” said society founder Tim Juhlin.
Juhlin noted that the society currently has about 20 members and hopes to enlist another 30 or so by the time of the meeting.
“We hope to pull in about 50 members to start,” he said.
“It’s just a matter of talking to people and letting them know what we’re doing and then once we have a framework in place, we can get to work.”
He said everyone is welcome to join, whether they want to be part of the executive, work on one of the activity teams, or just to join to demonstrate support for the project.
“We already have crude teams starting to develop – people are pretty excited,” said Juhlin.
“Our hope is that we can have a structure in place soon and then we can start to focus some of the energy and creative thought of our members and of the community.”

Juhlin said the society encourages participation from all age groups and that the input of youth would be especially valuable, as they are the ones who will be using the facility in the future.
“We believe that getting all the different age groups involved will allow us to generate better ideas,” he said.
“The kids who are 16 or 17 now are the ones who will be using this centre with their families when it is built – their input is very valuable.”
He added that it would be good to have working with teams on a multi-faceted project on their resume, and that teens have a unique perspective on what will and won’t work.
Society members will work in cooperation with the Municipality and the Culture and Recreation Board, and will receive monthly reporting from the various teams.
Memberships are available for $5 at various businesses throughout the community, including Remedy’s Rx in Coleman, Crockets Trading Company in Bellevue and Summit Home Hardware, Cooperators Insurance and Copy Magic in Blairmore.
For more information, check out the Crowsnest Can Do Cultural and Recreation Society page on
Facebook, or email
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   Volume 81 - Issue 51   email:   $1.00   
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