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Tuesday January 17th, 2012  
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Quote of the Week
"Representing Crowsnest Pass is going to be an incredible experience."
- Mackenzie  


Urban GIS Project
Council received a request from Administration to participate in an application for the Oldman River Regional Geographic Information System (GIS) Enhancement Project, a collaborative initiative consisting of 37 urban municipalities.
The GIS Enhancement Project aims to play a key role in helping small communities in Southern Alberta through integration of geographical data into a cohesive system that allows for easy understanding and access.
A GIS can greatly simplify and streamline geographical information at municipal offices where otherwise required information can be stored in a variety of digital files, index cards, paper files and maps.
Specialized software allows users to easily access spatial data such as title and infrastructure mapping, as well as multitude of database information such as infrastructure attributes, parcel ownership, tax roll data and land use districts.
Crowsnest Pass joined the regional inter-municipal collaboration - which also includes the Town of Pincher Creek, Village of Cowley, Town of Fort Macleod, Town of Cardston and Cardston County - in October 2008 and sought several grant opportunities to fund the project since that time.
Director of Finance and Systems Marion Vanoni informed Council that the Town of Cardston will act as the managing municipality on behalf of the 38 participating municipalities to submit an application to the Regional Collaboration Program for a grant of $125,000 -which would be used to enhance user interface and aid protocols for transmission of data - and asked that Council support the application.
Vanoni said support of this grant application does not affect the Municipality in applying for any other regional program grants.
Councillor Larry Mitchell moved that Council endorse the application.
The motion was carried unanimously.

Canada Post Correspondence
Council received a letter from Canada Post Senior Vice President of Operations Doug Jones, in response to a request to establish “Crowsnest Pass” as the mailing address for each of the five communities of the Pass.
In his letter, Jones said that a conversion for Crowsnest Pass would be difficult due to duplicate postal box numbers amongst former communities and that postal systems and delivery networks cannot support such duplications.
Jones indicated that a change to the official municipality name would also involved a conversion from postal box numbers to civic addressing.
Councillor Brian Gallant noted that there may be some confusion on the part of Canada Post regarding the Municipality’s request when it comes to postal codes, as Jones mentioned in his letter “a unique postal code for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass”.
In the event of a changeover, the municipality would retain existing postal codes, simply changing the name of the community to which the mail is sent.
Councillor Larry Mitchell suggested that Council invite Blair Davis, Canada Post Delivery Planning Manager for this area, to speak to Council so that more understanding can be reached and Council can be apprised of all available options.

February Meeting Dates
Council voted unanimously to extend a trial period for revised Council and Governance and Priorities Committee meeting dates into February, so as to allow Administration to evaluate the changes and determine the best format.
In February, Council meetings will be held on February 7th and 21st at 7 p.m., and a GPC meeting will be held on February 21st at 3 p.m.

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   Volume 82 - Issue 2   email:   $1.00   
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