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Tuesday January 31st, 2012  
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"We have no idea if there is going to be a (car) show this year."
- Paula Brazzoni  


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The neon sign at the Orpheum Theatre (shown above) will soon be refurbished.
Becky Fabro, owner of Blairmore’s Orpheum Theatre, was recently successful in attaining a $4,440 grant from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation (AHRF) for the refurbishment of the theatre’s outdoor neon sign to its original state.
The AHRF Board of Directors approved Fabro’s application to the Heritage Preservation Partnership Program at its meeting this past December, just over two months after the application was submitted.
The grant, which was made possible through funding from the Alberta Lottery Fund to an annual allocation to the AHRF, is a matching grant and Fabro will put forth the remainder of the funds to refurbish the sign.
Fabro said she has paid to have the sign fixed up in the past, but local kids damaged the glass tubing by throwing rocks at it.
The AHRF funding and Fabro’s contribution will allow the sign to be sent to Lethbridge, where it will be stripped of paint and repainted, have new glass tubing installed and be placed inside plastic casing, which will increase its longevity.
“It’s going to look very nice and the casing will make sure it doesn’t get broken again,” said Fabro.
The grant application was worked on in conjunction with the Crowsnest Pass Municipal Heritage Board, which played a major role in helping the theatre to be designated as a Municipal Heritage Resource last July after Council passed a unanimous motion to begin the process in April.

Renovations to the 91-year-old theatre such as refurbishing the sign are approved interventions to a municipal heritage resource, as they preserve its historic character.
“I think it is an important part of the look of the theatre and the character of the town,” said Fabro, adding that she has plans for further renovations - including restoring the front entrance doors back to their historical appearance and installing large stage curtains in front of the screen – and is applying for grants to fund these projects.
“I want to keep working to fix it up.”
In addition, in the coming weeks, the theatre will become the best of both worlds – both old and new – with the installation of new digital projection equipment.
Fabro said a digital projector and new silver filmscreen capable of screening 3D movies are currently on order, and the projector should be installed in roughly three weeks time, with the screen coming shortly after.
“The new equipment is going to make a huge difference,” said Fabro.
For more information, or to find out which movie is playing this week, call the Orpheum Theatre at 403-562-2266.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 4   email:   $1.00   
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