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Tuesday February 14th, 2012  
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"A message has to be sent... to take less of a profit and provide better service to your customers"
- Mayor Bruce Decoux  


Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council voted unanimously at the Council meeting last Tuesday, February 7th to proceed with the Rum Runner Days and Thunder in the Valley festivities.
Council discussed the matter after receiving a recommendation from Councillor Emile Saindon, chair of the Rum Runner Days Committee (RRDC), to proceed with the event provided several changes are made.
Councillor Andrew Saje asked if the committee is confident that the event can be planned safely and effectively.
“There is concern by all members of the committee… over some of the traffic issues and security issues,” Councillor Saindon replied.
“Those are issues that need to be resolved prior to moving forward.”
The changes proposed by the RRDC include eliminating random camping within the municipality, designating alternative camping areas such as the parking lot of the Crowsnest Sports Complex in Coleman and the ski hill parking lot, moving all swim meet camping to a designated area away from Blairmore streets, shuttle services to bus all attendants of Saturday events into town with designated parking areas outside of town, fencing off and patrolling the CP Rail right of way in Blairmore, designating one-way traffic through Blairmore on Saturday, limiting parking to designated streets, increased visitor information access prior to and during the weekend, admission to the main fireworks venue and limiting of the number of people allowed in that area, and possible hiring of security firms to increase supervision of key areas of concern.
Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Myron Thompson noted that Council and Administration will also need to create a fireworks bylaw in order to meet statutes laid out by the provincial government, as well as a special events bylaw, in order to provide direction for such events.

Thompson added that the three main concerns Council and Administration will need to address are risk and liability during the fireworks display, cost to the municipality and economic benefit to the community.
“We are working very diligently on this,” said Thompson. “There is a fair amount of work to do there.”
Councillor Saindon also added that the RCMP have indicated they will not provide any increased police service during Thunder in the Valley unless the Municipality enters into an enhanced policing agreement, which will come at a cost of $35,000 to the Municipality.
Following discussion, Councillor Saje moved that “Council support the Rum Runner Days Committee planning for the Rum Runner Days weekend event, with the involvement of the RCMP, CPR, Administration and other relevant agencies, provided that the Rum Runner Days Committee provides Administration with a detailed plan which addresses public safety and provides a detailed financial plan.”
Administration shall then provide a recommendation to Council relative to the acceptability of the planning and Council shall determine whether to proceed, defer or cancel all of or specific events associated with the Rum Runner Days event.
The motion was carried by four voting Councillors and Mayor Decoux, with Councillor Brian Gallant
absent and Councillor Emile abstaining.
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