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Tuesday March 6th, 2012  
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Troy and Christine enjoy a cup of coffee.
Coleman couple Troy and Christine Misseghers have been roasting fresh, ethically sourced coffee out of their home in Bushtown since the summer of 2011, striving every day to make the perfect cup for their customers.
Initially becoming coffee connoisseurs for their own pleasure, the couple launched the Crowsnest Coffee Company (C3) due to a desire to share their passion and supply area residents with fresh, locally roasted coffee beans.
“We were late bloomers in the coffee world and only began drinking coffee a few years ago,” said Troy, adding that in the past, the avid mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts mainly consumed coffee for its effect as opposed to its taste.
However, Troy said that changed when Christine brought home fresh roasted beans from a small roasterie in Revelstoke.
“The coffee was so much better than anything we had before and we wanted to find out why,” he said.
“This is what sparked the whole idea of the Crowsnest Coffee Company.”
The couple then began reading about all things coffee, upgrading their personal brewing equipment and purchasing a small home roaster and small amounts of different origin green coffee beans to roast and sample.
“Friends began having some of our fresh roasted coffee and enjoyed it so much that the little roaster couldn’t keep up with the demand,” said Troy.
“We then purchased a commercial coffee roaster and decided we would start up Crowsnest Coffee Company.”
Since that time, the couple has worked and spoken with countless coffee experts, as well as completing a coffee roasting and tasting course at a coffee lab in Vermont and subscribing to several publications for coffee roasters, in order to acquire all the knowledge they can about the industry.

C3 works with two different North American green bean suppliers to source Certified Fair Trade Organic and Direct Trade (which are sourced directly from the individual coffee farm) beans from growers in Mexico, South America, Ethiopia and Indonesia.
“These coffee beans are usually sought after because they are very good quality and the farmer is paid at least Fair Trade pricing for their beans,” said Troy.
“The Direct Trade green bean supplier quite often sources the beans from the same farm year after year and a great relationship is formed with the individual farmers.”
Once the beans have been received, the Misseghers’ perform a number of sample roasts with their smaller sample roaster (formerly their personal home roaster) to determine the preferred roast profile for that particular bean.
“It is part of the roaster’s job to determine the best roast profile for each bean,” said Troy.
Once the sample roast has been perfected, the beans are then roasted in the couple’s large propane-fuelled drum roaster using that roast profile and sorted into individual bags for sale.
The pair currently roasts six blends - including decaf medium dark roast C3 Decaf, dark roasts Hardy Har-rar!, Pic’s Bootleg Beans and Cutthroat Coffee, medium light roast Early Bird Special, and their most popular blend, a medium dark roast called Bushtown Blend - as well as seven single-origin coffees.
The roasts are available in Crowsnest Pass at the Cinnamon Bear and Crowsnest Café and Fly Shop in Coleman and Crockets Trading Company in Bellevue (as well as being brewed at Bamboo Bistro in Blairmore), in Beaver Mines at the Beaver Mines General Store, in Fernie at Straight Line Bike and Ski Store, as well as bike shops in Cochrane and Canmore.
Moving forward, Troy said C3 looks forward to learning even more about coffee and continuing to provide quality coffee to customers near and far.
“We would like to keep providing our customers with fresh, locally roasted, ethically sourced coffee and at the same time, grow to become a recognized roaster whose beans are sought after by coffee connoisseurs,” he said.
“Maybe one day those beans will make the perfect cup.”
For more information, contact the Crowsnest Coffee Company at 403-563-3750, go to, or visit their Facebook page.
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