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Tuesday March 27th, 2012  
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Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council voted at the regular Council meeting which was held last Tuesday, March 20th to defeat a proposed bylaw which would ban the sale and use of fireworks within the boundaries of the municipality.
First reading of the proposed Fireworks Bylaw, which was brought forth by Interim Fire Chief / Director of Protective Services Ken Brands, was carried with a 4-3 vote at the council meeting on March 7th.
Brands informed Council that no fireworks bylaw has ever existed in Crowsnest Pass, adding that under the Alberta Fire Code, any sale, storage or use of low-grade household fireworks within a community without an appropriate bylaw is in fact illegal.
Last week, many of the Councillors who initially voted in favour of the bylaw indicated that after extensive consideration, they had changed their minds.
Councillor Emile Saindon, who voted in favour of first reading, asked why the Municipality would jump from operating without any sort of fireworks bylaw to imposing one with zero tolerance for sale and use.
“I see where this bylaw is going but we seem to have skipped a step in educating the public and our retailers,” said Councillor Saindon.

He said he would prefer that the Municipality adopt a bylaw which restricts the sale and use of fireworks, adding that if a problem were to arise in the future, he would then support banning fireworks in the community.
“In 12 months, if it’s out of control, I’ll be the first to vote it down.”
Councillor Larry Mitchell said he too has had second thoughts on the matter and would like to see a new bylaw restricting sale and use brought in.
Brands informed Council that an alternative bylaw could be drafted which would require anyone wishing to purchase fireworks to obtain a permit, which would then be provided to the retailer and kept on file for a period of two years, along with the customer’s information.
Retailers would also be required to obtain a permit from the Municipality in order to purchase fireworks from a wholesaler and provide those fireworks for sale.
Councillor Brian Gallant moved that Council defeat the existing draft bylaw, which was carried unanimously.
Councillor Gallant then moved that Council direct Administration to rework the sale and storage component of the bylaw to allow for the sale of fireworks on a regulated basis, to be returned to Council for first reading at the April 3rd Council meeting.
The motion was carried unanimously, with Councillors Siegbert Gail and Andrew Saje absent.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 12   email:   $1.00   
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