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Tuesday March 27th, 2012  
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Dave Taggart’s dream of opening a motorcycle repair shop in Crowsnest Pass is very close to coming true, after finding a suitable location and receiving a new development permit last month.
Taggart originally submitted an application to the Subdivision and Development Authority (SDA) to construct a full service automotive, off-highway vehicle (OHV) and motorcycle repair shop on 20th Avenue east of the Greenhill Hotel last November and was approved.
The approval was appealed by Municipal Administration in December, as the parcel of land on which Taggart had applied to build the shop was split-zoned as C2 Drive In Commercial and C1 commercial, which does not allow for discretionary use.
The appeal was approved, and Taggart was told to seek an alternative location for his shop.
Two months later, Taggart submitted an application to develop the shop at a site - further west on 20th Avenue - which currently houses the operations of Triple S.
The SDA issued Taggart a development permit at a meeting held on February 27th and drawings of architectural and aesthetic upgrades to the building were approved by Development Officer Ryan Dyck on March 14th.
Taggart said he is relieved to see the arduous process coming to and end and is excited that he can now focus on the development and launch of his business.
“It has been a year in the works since we first started to pursue this business venture,” Taggart told the Pass Herald last week.
“I was told by a lot of people not to stop and I am glad I didn’t. If the prize is worth the fight, then fight.”

Taggart said the sale of the property is not yet complete and that he is currently waiting for test results from ground water samples, but added that all conditions should be met by April 1st and he should be taking possession by April 15th.
“If all goes well and there are no setbacks, we should be digging by the 17th,” he said.
Taggart plans to utilize the current building but will also be constructing an addition onto the west side of the existing structure, as well as installing a front faÁade onto the existing building that will allow for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
He said while the building is not quite as central as the one he had originally wanted, it is a great and suitable location.
“Triple S has been there a long time and we hope to be as well,” said Taggart.
“With so many negative events and missed opportunities occurring lately in the area, hopefully this will bring more positive happenings and become the new trend.”
Taggart said he hopes to be open for July, adding that he will know more as the project gets underway.
Services which will be offered at the shop include automotive, motorcycle, OHV and snowmobile maintenance and repairs, as well as a retail component.
“With the new location, we will have a reasonably sized retail area,” said Taggart, adding that he is still considering what exactly will be sold.
“At this time, we haven’t decided what will be up front, other than great customer service.”
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   Volume 82 - Issue 12   email:   $1.00   
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