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Tuesday April 3rd, 2012  
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"We wanted to do something to show our love and support for Shaylee."
- Angie Marra  


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Crowsnest Pass Idol Top 5 winners (L to R) Kyle Rains (4th Place), Shannon Riviere (3rd Place), Carly Perkin (2nd Place), Jeff Chambers (1st Place) and Jon Bergman (5th Place) eagerly wait to hear the judges’ decision at the Crowsnest Pass Idol finale on Saturday, March 24th at the Blairmore Legion.
A smile slowly spread across Coleman resident Jeff Chambers face as he stood in shocked disbelief after being announced as the winner of the second annual Crowsnest Pass Idol competition at the Blairmore Legion on Saturday, March 24th.
After five weeks of competition, the final eight contestants performed their final three songs before judges Darryl Ferguson, Deserie Michalsky and Michelle Dobek-Koinberg deliberated and announced the winners.
Jon Bergman was awarded the fifth place prize of $200 from Fernie Ford, Kyle Rains received the fourth place prize of $300 from Fernie Ford and Shannon Riviere was awarded the third place prize of $500 from Devon Canada.
After those prizes were handed out, Carly Perkin and Jeff Chambers eagerly waited to hear which of them would be taking home the top prize.
Carly Perkin was named as the second place winner with a prize of $1,000 from the Blairmore Lions Club, and audience members rose to their feet and cheered for both her and Chambers, who took home the top prize of $2,000 from Teck.
“I was shocked because I thought Carly was going to win for sure, even from the first show, so when it was us two left on stage I thought for sure it was her,” Chambers told the Pass Herald last week.
“I was in blank disbelief until I started feeling proud - the hard work I had put in had been recognized and for the first legitimate time, I knew people actually liked my music - and that’s when I smiled.”
Chambers, who has been playing music since the age of five, said winning Crowsnest Pass Idol signifies to him that he is on the right path in life.
“It means I wasn’t wasting my time writing, playing or trying to sing. It means I just might have something to offer that people want to hear,” he said.

“I am going to write and play more than ever before, knowing people might actually like it.”
Chambers said he has recording time booked at the Taylor Sound recording studio in Calgary and plans to record a 10 to 12 song album which will feature earthy, woody sounds with handmade instruments from around the globe which he has acquired over the years.
He said he would also like to perform at more venues, as the experience with Pass Idol has provided a valuable chance to learn to battle his nerves while on stage.
Chambers, who has been playing guitar and writing songs since the age of 12, says music is everything to him.
“I think music is a key component of our being. It’s able to change someone’s emotions in seconds and bring millions together,” he said.
“For those who play music, it is an unrelenting, inexplicable driving force and for those who hear it and love it, it can be just the same.”
Chambers expressed heartfelt thanks to Pass Idol organizer Kathy Lang and the Blairmore Legion for hosting the event, which allows local singers and musicians a chance to showcase their talents.
“The Pass needs more stuff like this,” he said.
Perkin, who moved to Crowsnest Pass from Saskatoon, said she is touched by how the community has embraced her and the encouragement she has received since entering the competition.
“For someone who isn’t from here… the amount of support from the community has been amazing,” said Perkin.
“You have a lot of warm hearts and it feels like home.”
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   Volume 82 - Issue 13   email:   $1.00   
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