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Tuesday April 24th, 2012  
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"It's unfortunate but necessary that we turn to the courts to protect this extraordinary landscape."
- Gordon Petersen  


Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council voted unanimously at the meeting which was held last Tuesday, April 17th to pass the recently created and amended Fireworks Bylaw.
The bylaw initially brought forth in March, after it was discovered that the Municipality was operating without such a bylaw, as one had never been created.
Originally calling for the ban of all possession, sale, storage and use of fireworks within the boundaries of the municipality, the bylaw was reworked in order to allow sale and use of fireworks with restrictions.
The redrafted bylaw was then presented for first reading at the April 3rd Council meeting, where it was passed unanimously.
At that meeting, Interim Manager of Enforcement Services Donna Tona informed Council that the bylaw had been created in cooperation with Crowsnest Pass Fire and Rescue Services and with input from the public.
At the meeting last week, Councillor Brian Gallant said he was pleased with the outcome.
“This bylaw was built through collaboration and democracy,” he said.
“It is a well-rounded bylaw and I support it.”
Councillors Siegbert Gail and Larry Mitchell moved second and third readings of the bylaw, respectively, both of which were passed unanimously.
The newly adopted bylaw outlines commercial and consumer requirements for the sale and storage of low-hazard fireworks and provides enhance enforcement capabilities to community Peace Officers and an accredited Safety Codes Officer.
Under the bylaw, retailers will not be permitted to display fireworks in a window display and will be required to keep records of the sale of all fireworks, complete with a permit from the customer (obtained from the Municipality), for a period of no less than two years.

Any storage, display, possession or use of high-hazard fireworks will not be permitted within the community unless properly licensed under federal regulations.
The bylaw also outlines proposed penalties for those who are found to be in violation – fines which are similar to those used in other Alberta communities with similar fireworks bylaws.
Failure to obtain a fireworks permit will automatically result in a $500 fine.
For retailers who fail to comply with Section 4.6-4.13 of the bylaw - which makes reference to the storage and display of low-hazard fireworks and other requirements by local authority - first, second and third offenses will result in penalties of $300, $500 and $1,000, respectively.
Any retailer found to be in possession of high-hazard fireworks, or any group or individual who has not obtained permission from the Municipality to have a high-hazard fireworks display carried out by a certified pyrotechnician through Resources Canada, will automatically be subject to penalties of $500 for first offense, $1,000 for second offense and $2,000 for third offense.
The bylaw allows for a grace period until January 1st, 2013, in order to allow time to educate local residents, retailers and event planners on the bylaw, after which point penalties will come into effect.
For more information on the bylaw, contact the Municipal Office at 403-562-8833.
Copies of the bylaw will also be made available on the Municipality’s website.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 16   email:   $1.00   
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