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Tuesday May 22nd, 2012  
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Quote of the Week
"You have to be pretty particular in order to make a piece like the train"
- Bent Damgaard  


Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting Highlights

Guest Speaker
Shannon Frank, Executive Director of Oldman Watershed Council came to the GPC meeting on Tuesday, May 15 with a presentation underlining the importance of protecting headwaters. Frank explains that a watershed is an area of land that drains into a stream, and that Crowsnest Pass is part of the Lake Winnipeg watershed. “It’s important to recognize that we’re part of a larger area and that our water does eventually make it to Lake Winnipeg”. For this reason, Frank explained that it is important to be mindful of the quality of our downstream. Oldman Watershed Council is developing a watershed development plan for the headwaters for the area. “What we’re hoping to do is protect this area first and foremost, and develop some concrete actions, as well as recommendations, to the provincial government, and other forms of government.” Frank said that although our water quality is in “a good place”, we must remember to maintain our water heads, and keep the water quality in good condition. Oldman Watershed Council aims to have a plan written up by March 13, 2012, allowing them a year to build support.

At the May 1st council meeting, a schedule was concluded for the GPC meeting dates from May 1st to the end of September of this year. Discussion took place regarding rescheduling some GPC meeting in July and August.


Employee Code of Conduct
An Employee Code of Conduct redraft was brought back and presented to members of the Governance and Priorities Committee in June of 2011. Plans are in place to present the document to the union and staff after the policy goes through the Council approval process. All current and new employees must sign the Employee Declaration paper, should be familiarized with the Employee Code of Conduct Policy Handbook and Guide
Bylaw 853- Borrowing Bylaw for Vehicles and Enforcement Equipment for the Community Peace Officer Program
The 2012 Capital Budget allows for the purchase of two vehicles with equipment to be paid for by short term borrow, with a maximum three year term, and a maximum debenture of $140 000. The vehicles will be delivered at the end of June, and payments for the vehicle and equipment will be started. At the end of the third year and final payout, the vehicles will be replaced with new vehicles based on triennial 2015-2018 budget process.

Turf Management Policy
Administration reviewed the Turf Management Policy to address the necessity to expand the aesthetics of Municipality of the Crowsnest Pass Green Space areas as defined within the Turf Management Policy. This action outlined the need for to update maintenance, urgencies and resources, in order to address Community Beautification concerns.

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   Volume 82 - Issue 20   email:   $1.00   
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