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Tuesday May 29th, 2012  
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Possible closure of community drop in centre raises concerns
Lindsay Goss photo
Moderater Bill Kovach and Alex Wells at Tuesday's meeting in Bellevue to discuss the future location of the Senior's Club.
A heated discussion regarding the possibility of relocating the Bellevue Senior Centre took place on Tuesday afternoon and it left many members of the Bellevue Seniors Club with a sour taste in their mouths.
The meeting, which took place at 1:30 p.m. at the current Bellevue Senior Centre, was moderated by Bill Kovach, and seated a full house, with an audience of around 50 people.
The highly controversial issue of potentially transferring the Bellevue Seniors’ Club to the M.D. McEachern Community Centre angers members and they feel that the move might “destroy the Senior Citizens.”
“I do not think that we have made any indication we are going to demolish the building,” said Myron Thompson, Chief Administrative Officer. “The purpose of today is just to exchange ideas.”
The concerns regarding the building, located on 213 Street in Bellevue, are that it is unsafe and may cause danger and injury to users in the future.
“Overall, the Seniors Center was deemed as marginal,” said Thompson, after reviewing an audit done by Friesen Tokar Architects, using an engineering firm to assist them.

The audit was broken down into five categories: structural, exterior, interior, mechanical, and electrical.
Water infiltration was a large concern, particularity water leaking through the roof.
However, despite the safety worries, members of the Seniors Centre are opposed to the idea of moving to M.D. McEacern.
Members feel that M.D. McEacern is not suitable to house the Seniors’ Club, as it is not handicapped accessible, it sits on an inconvenient hill in Bellevue and the kitchen is considered to be under equipped.
Also, the community centre is far from Bellevue’s medical centre, the post office and the Bellevue Legion, all of which are currently located on the same street as the senior centre.
“Do the best you can, or there will be gun shooting,” said Yolanda Gregory, a member of the club who believes that the Seniors Centre is part of the Bellevue community, and a relocation might jeopardize the future of the Seniors Club.
“We’ll try to fix this place, even if we’re having bake sales every week.”
No final decisions regarding the new location of the Seniors Centre were made at the meeting.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 21   email:   $1.00   
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