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Tuesday May 29th, 2012  
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"Bear sightings are common for this time of year, because bears are waking up from hibernation. Eveyone needs to be bear aware."
- John Clarke  
Fish & Wildlife Officer   


A local Crowsnest Pass man remarkably survived after a 26 car train ran over him on Sunday night.
The Crowsnest Pass youth passed out from intoxication on the train tracks near Elko, British Columbia, on Sunday night, and was approached by a Canadian Pacific train travelling westbound.
The conductor of the train tried to awaken the man by sounding a loud horn, but was not successful at disquieting him. The train was unable to slow down in time, and ran him over. After the train was able to stop, the man was found, not at all mangled, by Canadian Pacific employees under the 26th rail car.
Because he was still unresponsive, crew members of CR Rail tried to rouse him by banging rocks on the train and poking him. They initially thought he was dead.
A man from CP Rail grabbed the individual by the arm, which eventually woke him up.
After awakening, the man gathered his beer and left the scene, but was later found in a nearby campsite by a Cranbrook police dog.

Elk Valley RCMP received a call at around 6:45 p.m. from CP Rail dispatch. RCMP members were on route and already had members in the area for the long weekend.
“It’s remarkable that he survived,” said Kevin Hrysak, CP Rail spokesman.
The Crowsnest Pass youth was found with no serious injuries, but was arrested by police for public intoxication. It is likely that the investigation will be handed over to CP Rail police to decide what or if any charges will proceed against the man.
“Incidents like this have a profound effect on our train crew,” Hrysak said, adding the crew members do have access to counselling for incidents like this. “Thankfully this event won’t be a bad memory for our crew.”
Sergeant Dave Dubnyk of the Elk Valley RCMP agrees that this was a fortunate incident, calling the man “a lucky fellow,” and adding that the youth was also involved in another incident last year, where a motor vehicle was pushed into him.
The fact that the man was not laying over the tracks, but instead down on railway ties, was probably what saved his life.
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