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Tuesday June 5th, 2012  
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"Bear sightings are common for this time of year, because bears are waking up from hibernation. Eveyone needs to be bear aware."
- John Clarke  
Fish & Wildlife Officer   


The CP Rail strike has affected thousands of Canadians and businesses alike, and after a small survey was conducted in Blairmore, it became clear that the strike has affected locals as well.
CP Rail declared a strike in the early hours of May 23 and it instantly produced a problem for the Canadian economy, as the strike was figured to cost close to $540 million a week.
It also affects the 4,800 members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, including CP engineers and rail traffic controllers.
However, engineers and train conductors aside, the Crowsnest Pass is noticing a change as well.
Grant Tkachuk from Tru Hardware Allied, said that the strike has affected his business in a negative way. His hardware store, located directly across the railway tracks in Blairmore has to pay higher costs for alternate transport.
The price to purchase items for his store has drastically gone up, some prices even doubled as a result of the strike.

“I am not impressed,” Tkachuk said.
Cassidy Zeller, an employee of Donna’s ABC Daycare has a different side to the story.
“The kids at the daycare miss the trains,” Zeller said, who adding that the children get excited by the large sounds the trains bring to the municipality. “They have to find new things to get excited about. Right now it is helicopters.”
Randall Whiteside, owner of Tin Roof Bistro on 21st Street in Blairmore, said that he hardly notices a change. “You get used to the trains after a while,” Whiteside said. “It is quieter, but I do not notice a big change.”
The union called a strike for improvements to pensions, benefits and work hours. Deliberation between the union and CP regarding the strike has been ongoing since October, 2011.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 22   email:   $1.00   
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