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Tuesday June 5th, 2012  
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Quote of the Week
"Bear sightings are common for this time of year, because bears are waking up from hibernation. Eveyone needs to be bear aware."
- John Clarke  
Fish & Wildlife Officer   


FortisAberta, an electricity distributor that provides electricity to over 200 communities across Alberta, has recently released a safety video in the province with a goal to raise awareness of the dangers regarding power lines in Alberta.
In the past two years, six people in Alberta have died as a result of contracting a power line. FortisAlberta has decided to take action, and lower this number, or prevent the problem of death from power lines altogether.
FortisAlberta is a provincial company that delivers electricity to homes and maintains electrical lines and poles in Alberta. They currently operate more than 60 per cent of Alberta’s total electricity distribution network.
The company has recently created a safety video that focuses primarily on the dangers and risks regarding power lines, and what to do in case of an emergency.
Last year, there were 271 public contracts with FortisAlberta power lines and nearly one fifth of those contacts being from the general public.
Kevin Haslbeck from FortisAlberta says that although construction and oil and gas workers are the people at the most risk for injury from a power line, ordinary people can get hurt too.

“The video gives information on what to do in case of a contact with a power line,” Haslbeck said. “It has messages that apply to everyone, both machine operators and the general public.”
Many different situations can lead to a power line contact, from doing repairs to a roof, to flying a kite, to trimming tree branches. “It is always important to know who to call if you have a power line problem, and what steps to take to ensure safety,” Haslbeck said.
“Always ask yourself: where’s the line?” Haslbeck said.
DVDs are currently being distributed through Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), and people interesting in watching the video can find it at
“We encourage Albertans to always contact FortisAlberta or their local electricity provider if they are not 100 per cent positive about specific power line clearances,” says Doug Skippen, Manager of Health and Safety.
“It is better to take the extra time to ensure your safety rather than take the unnecessary risks to get the job done quickly and endanger your life or the lives of others.”
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   Volume 82 - Issue 22   email:   $1.00   
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