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Tuesday June 12th, 2012  
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Left photo, Jasmine Sydora receives the Award for a Deserving Piano Solo - Late Romantic. Both awards were given at the Kiwanis Music Festival in Lethbridge hosted on May 28th. Right photo, Nathan Sydora receives an award for Most Promising Pianist for 15 years and under. He also won the prestigious award for Deserving Piano Student 16 year and younger.
Two young Crowsnest Pass locals prove that music really is for all ages.
Nathan and Jasmine Sydora, children of Darrell and Moo Sydora, have been playing since they were young children and since then, have both been recognized as talentent musicians, and have been applauded for their aptitude in music.
Nathan began playing music at age five, and Jasmine at three. Both children started with the keyboard, and eventually advanced to the piano. They play classical and jazz, and both like to challenge themselves by playing modern pop music. The Simpson’s theme song and the Mission: Impossible theme song are two of the more modern songs they have mastered.
“Their talent in music is phenomenal,” said proud mom Moo Sydora. ”When they see a piano, they want to sit down and play. It’s always been like that.”
Nathan, now age 13, already teaches piano, helping two young children master the art of music.
Aside from piano, both Sydora children play other instruments, Nathan playing the saxophone, and Jasmine playing the violin.
This year, Nathan and Jasmine attended the Kiwanis Music festival, as the local Crowsnest Pass music festival was cancelled. They did well, and went home with smiles.

This past May, Nathan was nominated to represent the Kiwanis club the Provincial Music Festival held in Edmonton.
He scored among the top performers and was very highly regarded amongst his peers.
“One little girl came up to him and told him that when she was older, she wanted to be just like him,” Moo Sydora said, in regarding to Nathan’s playing.
“I was so proud.”
In 2010, Nathan won first place in the Grade 5-6 Piano Category at the Provincial Music Festival in Edmonton. In 2011, Nathan took home second place.
11 year-old Jasmine recently received a$75 scholarship award for her piano playing.
Both have performed in and around the municipality, and you many have seen them play at Christmas Eve mass, in the school band and at school functions.
Nathan was asked to give a special performance at Music Monday, an annual music celebration hosted in at ISS. He was given a standing ovation.
“They’re both succeeding with flying colours,” said Moo.
Nathan is currently attempting to learn Flight of the Bumblebee, a song that is two grades more advanced than he is. The music season for both Sydora children is winding down but the family is preparing for another busy year starting in September.
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