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Tuesday June 19th, 2012  
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Quote of the Week
"We raise money for a good cause and have a great time while we do it."
- Randi Rinaldi  


Lindsay Goss photo
Moderator of Wednesday night's Ratepayer Association
meeting Bill Kovach and fellow panellists.
Nearly 100 people came to the heated Rate Payers Meeting at the Hillcrest Miners Club to discuss and debate financial issues of the municipality
Moderated Bill Kovach Bill Kovach, the Wednesday night meeting was the first meeting of the Rate Payers Association. The meeting’s primary goal was to hear the concerns of citizens, and encourage audience members to join the Ratepayers Association.
“We’re all concerned citizens,” said Kovach. “It’s time to make our concerns known to council.”
Among many of the problems discussed, three issues that were repeatedly brought to attention were the current trend of increased spending, land vacancy in and around the communities of the municipality, and increased taxes.
An audience member said that bylaws can only be found online. “What if I don’t have a computer? How do I read the bylaws?”
Nearly a dozen audience members stood up to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the financial issues of the municipality, particularity the increase of taxes and council spending.

Youth leaving because of the lack of job opportunities, and businesses going elsewhere because the municipality is not a thriving community were other issues brought up by the audience.
“It’s ridiculous,” said an audience member. “Our community should be going somewhere, yet if feels like we’re standing still.”
“We need to stand together, to be successful, not apart,” Gary Anctel, the owner of a barber shop in Blairmore, said. “We must stay united.”
“We’re just trying to get the wheels in motion, and gets this going,” said Kovatch.
The Ratepayer’s association is looking for eight directors for the association, all positions being voluntary.
The next Ratepayers Association meeting is expected to be next week. A website with more information regarding the association is expected to be up and running by sometime next week.
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