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Tuesday June 19th, 2012  
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Quote of the Week
"We raise money for a good cause and have a great time while we do it."
- Randi Rinaldi  


The KRA Pro Rodeo is in search of volunteers for the upcoming year, for volunteers are vital, in order to continue the event that brings tourists and culture to the Pass every year.
“We definitely need volunteers this year,” said Joe Trotz, creator of the KRA rodeo. “We cannot put on the rodeo without volunteers and sponsors.
Trotz said that, above all else, the KRA Pro Rodeo is currently in search for a campaign director. “It’s a really important position, as it gets letters out for sponsorship,” he said.
He explained that over the past several years, larger companies have stopped supporting the KRA, which is a disappointing fact for the organization. “It’s hard to get sponsorship,” he said. “I am grateful for all the sponsors who have stuck by us throughout the years.”
Trotz started the rodeo 30 years ago, the first KRA Pro Rodeo occurring in the fall of 1982.

I always had an idea of putting on a rodeo,” he said.
After gathering some people, Trotz said he and his team started to make the idea a reality.
“All we had was the idea, we didn’t have anything else.” Trotz explained that although the idea was becoming possible, the KRA Pro Rodeo still lacked housing for the rodeo, equipment and supplies.
Through the help of donation and volunteers, the supplies needed to put on the rodeo started appearing, and the dream started to become an actuality.
“Without the volunteers, sponsorship, and the help of the people, the rodeo would never have been made possible,” Trotz said.
“We are very lucky.”
Trotz explained that although during the rodeo, KRA has plenty of volunteers; it is during the rest of the year that the organization struggles with extra help.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 24   email:   $1.00   
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