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Tuesday June 19th, 2012  
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Frank Capron presents Galen Paton and co-winners Josh Shultz and Carson Gunn with the ‘Frank Capron Senior High Athlete of the Year’ award for most outstanding High School Athlete.
Crowsnest Consolidated High School had its annual Athletic Awards Night on Wednesday 13th, 2012, and was attended by over one hundred people. The event offered cake, juice and coffee, and was hosted by Athletic Director Dakota Kuftinoff.
Winning the CCHS Champions Award was Bev Ceroo, for years of coach dedication. Winning Senior Golf zone champions was Carson Gunn, Logan Wakaluk, Bryan Koentges and Kyle Gfrerer. The group was coached by Mr. C. Goodwin.
Winning Junior “A” Boys Volleyball Coaches’ Award was Brain Taje, and Brendon Winberg, coached by C. Hill.
Winning the Junior “B” Girls’ Volleyball Coaches’ award was Macey-Jo Friel, Meghan Merrit and Sidney Dorge, coached by Mrs. W. Wescott.
In Junior “A’ Girls’ Volleyball, “Most Improved” winner was Cayla Steiger, ”Most Skilled” winner was Danika LaDuke, and “Most Dedicated” winner was Moriah Schuh. Junior “A” Girls’ Volleyball was coached by Mrs. K. Aindow.
In Senior Girls volleyball, coached by Mrs. J. Peebles, Mr. G. Farn, and Mrs. R. Jackson, winners of the “Coaches’ Award” were Galen Paton, Shaye Gray, and Heather Anctil.
In Senior Boys’ Volleyball, coached by Mr. C. Hill, Mr. R. Schulz and Mr. D. Vigna, winners of the Coaches’ Award were Bryan Koentges, Josh Schelz and Raven Baxter.
In Junior “B” Boys’ Basketball, coached by Mr. D. Shortreed, and Mr. M. Asplundh, “Most Valuable” winner was Matt Kenney, “Most Improved” winner was Simon Burke, “Most Dedicated” winner was Shawn Flannery and Trenan Shortreed.
In Junior “A” Boys’ Basketball, coached by Mr. G. Kelly and Mr. M. Baceda, “Coaches’ Award” winner was David Shortreed, “Rookie of the Year” winner was Walker Rangen, and “Most Valuable” winner was Brendon Winberg.
In Junior “B” Girls’ Basketball, coached by Mrs. T. Merritt, “Most Improved” winner was Chloyee Pearson, “Most Dedicated” winner Anna Koevoet, and “Most Team Spirit” winners were Teanna Zwicker and Aislyn Wheelock.
In Seniors Boys’ Basketball, coached by C. Hill, Mr. R. Schulz, and Mr. C. Goodwin, “Coaches’ Award” winners were Bryan Koentges, Josh Schulz and Carson Gunn.
In Senior Girls’ Basketball, coached by Mr. D. Vigna and Ms. T. Flannery, ’Coaches Award” winners were Jackie Kuftinoff, and Cortney Green, ”Most Improved” winner was Shelby Oswalk, “Top Player” winners were Allison Farfus and Galen Paton, and “Rookie of the Year” winner was Raygan Jackson.

In Junior Badminton, coached by Mr. S. Gail and Mrs. R. Gail, “Most Improved” winner was Darrien Pinel, “Most Dedicated” winners were Kevin Gfrerer and Derek Tarcon, and “Most Coachable” winner was Anna Koevoet.
In Senior Badminton, coached by C. Hill, Senior Male winner was Carson Gunn, and Senior Female was Raegan Jackson.
In Senior Baseball, coached by Mr. R. Amatto, Mr. C. Hill and Mr. M. Baceda, “Coaches’ Award” winners were Morgan Yanco and Ryan Sciarra.
In Junior Track and Field, coached by Mrs. B. Cervo and Mrs. E. Grose, Top Female” winners were Samantha Williams and Mackenzie FS. “Top Male” winner was Christian Wadstein, and “Spirit of the Sport” winner was Anna Koevoet.
In Senior Track and Field, coached by B. Cervo and Mrs. Grose, “Top Female” winner was Mollie Paton, and “Top Male” winner was Josh Schulz.
In Sinister 7 Running Club, coached by Mr. R. Peebles, “Coaches Award” winner was Bryan Koentges, and “Most Improved” winner was Millie Paton.
The winner of the Jim Strandquist Memorial Award was Michael Kenney. The Jim Strandquist Memorial Award was donated by the Strandquist family in memory of Jim Strandquist, a former C.C.H.S. student, who participated in Curling and Basketball. The award was presented to a boy of the Senior Basketball Team who has shown the most sportsmanship and dedication from the beginning of the season to the end.
The winners of the Academic Athlete of the Year Award: the Rick Sygutek/Martin Graf Memorial Award were Bryan Koentges and Allison Farfus. In memory of Martin Graf, a past student at C.C.H.S. who participated in music the High School Curling Program, and in memory of Rick Sygutek, a past C.C.H.S. student, who participated in music and the intramural program and was a member of the Volleyball team.
The winners of the Clark Goodwin Junior High Athlete of the Year Award were Danika LaDuke and Josh Schuh. This award is presented to the male and female students who are selected as this year most outstanding athlete in Junior High.
The winner of the Frank Capron Senior High Athlete of the Year Award in the female category was Galen Paton. Josh Sholts and Carson Gunn tied for first place in the male category.
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