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Tuesday June 26th, 2012  
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I sat down with Mayor Decoux the morning following the Town Hall meeting that took place Thursday, June 21st. The three hour meeting stirred high levels of debate and controversy, and addressed many issues regarding the municipality. Here’s what he had to say about the heated meeting.
“I love those meetings,” Mayor Decoux said, adding that there is talk of having two town hall meetings in the spring, and two in the fall.
“Overall, I think the meeting went well,” he said.
One thing that was concerning to council members was the inefficiency of communication between council and people living in the municipality.
“The current communication standard is not working, and it has to work,” Mayor Decoux said.
“People have the right to write letters to council, and we will happily inform,” he said.
He explained that council attempts to be as transparent as possible. “We want to hear from the people,” he said, saying that council will try to improve communication as soon as possible.
“All the questions asked at the meeting were good, and they were valid. We answered the questions to the best of our ability.” Decoux said, expressing how important he feels face to face contact is. “It’s good to give them information that may have been misconstrued.”
At the Town Hall meeting, an announcement of a new hotel that may be constructed in the location of the old hospital was publicised.
“I’m impressed with these new developers,” Decoux said. “They had their homework done, and I am very pleased.”
Decoux said that developers have been looking at the area for a long time, and wanted to create something in the Crowsnest Pass.

He wants the Crowsnest Pass to have an image that is open and inviting to the world.
“It will ignite the fire that consumes the municipality economically,” he said. He said it will do wonders for our tourism industry in the Pass, and add traffic to Highway 3, which will help promote the Pass.
The conversation then transitioned to the Alison Creek area, and the logging road that exists there.
The logging company that has been using the area has had their lease come to an end. In the future, they may come back but in the meantime, there is a major road that is used for recreation. The municipality has questioned what to do with this road. Decision time has come now, and the discussion period has ended. The question that remains: will the road be dismantled?
There is some feeling of why the municipality should be paying for a road that is not in our area. The other side is that it is a major tourism attraction. Decoux feels that the hotel will increase the number of tourists that will travel to the Crowsnest Pass area.
“We’re going to try to delay the decision to turn the road back. We want a year or two delay. “It is an important road economically and recreationally to the municipality. It’s an important decision.”
Decoux said that there will be a lot of changes that will occur in the municipality. He openly invites people to continue to voice their opinions, questions and concerns. He also invites people to attend council meetings, as issues around the municipality are discussed by council and administration at these meetings, as well as updates concerning the communities.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 25   email:   $1.00   
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