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Tuesday June 26th, 2012  
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The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Council held a regular Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on June 19th, called to order by Mayor Bruce DeCoux at 3 p.m. Councillors Siegbert Gail and Andrew Saje were absent from the meeting.

Business Licenses
Following discussions during Policy Committee, it was recommended that changes be made to the Business License Bylaw, including updates to clarify language, and shed light on the Control, Regulation and Licensing of All Types of Businesses operating within Municipal Boundaries. Councillor Brian Gallant brought up an issue about Rum Runners to council regarding this bylaw. “There has been an ongoing problem where venders show up, and put their stuff wherever they like, and not pay their fees,” Gallant said. “This bylaw will now rectify that.” Non-profit venders are still exempt from this bylaw.

Safety Codes Services Fee
Throughout the 2012-2014 triennial budget process permit fees were studied for all the Quality Management Plan disciplines for which the Municipality is certified-Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire. Change were looked and approved through the same budget process and joined forces with Finance and Corporate Services and Planning, Engineering and Operations and are now being brought forward for presentation through the Safety Codes Services Fee Bylaw.


It was brought up that the Gas, Plumbing and Electrical fees have not changed since 1998, totalling 14 years, in exception to some changes were conducted in 2008.

Fees, Rates and Charges
Council reviewed the Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw during the meeting under recommendation by administration for the reason of adjusting fees, rates and charges applicable to general municipal services provided by the Municipality and to combine these fees, rates and charges into one bylaw for the ease of referencing and administrating. Council members brought up the point that residents of neighbouring municipalities come to the Crowsnest Pass to use the graveyards, because of the inexpensive prices for grave lots. “If you want to be buried here, you have to help subsidize it,” said Councillor Brian Gallant.

Advertising Policy
In January, 2011, the Governance and Priorities Committee debated on an Advertising Policy that was brought forward for review. The Governance and Priorities Committee requested that the item be reviewed, amended and brought back before the GPC for review. Council announced that social media is becoming a large and useful platform for advertising for council. “We’re getting to a really good place,” said Mr. Nolan.

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   Volume 82 - Issue 25   email:   $1.00   
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