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Tuesday July 3rd, 2012  
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"Fireworks is dead. We thought we'd have some fun with it."
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The Ratepayers association, moderated by Bill Kovach pictured below, held their second meeting at the Blairmore Legion. Approximately sixty-five people attended the meeting.
The second of three Rate Payer meetings took place on Thursday, and municipality locals further discussed the issues and concerns that have arisen in and around the municipality.
The meeting was moderated by Bill Kovach, and was held at the Blairmore Legion at 7 p.m. The two major reasons for the meeting were to vocalize concerns of the people, and to round up eight directors for the Rate Payer committee, and an executive. All positions are voluntary. The committee is also looking for members, and memberships cost $5 dollars per a person.
Prior to Thursday night’s meeting, the Rate-Payers Committee has approximately 130 members.
A hot topic discussed at the meeting was the highly debates peace officer trucks that were bought by the municipality, to serve the two new peace officers that will soon be in the municipality.
Some people at the meeting were concerned about the cost of the two vehicles, and if having two vehicles or any vehicle at all are even necessary.
Another issue that was brought up by an audience member was the debated issue of the Bellevue Seniors Centre. Concerns were regarding the discussed relocation of the Seniors Centre to the MDM building in Bellevue. Many feel that the MDM building is not handicap accessible, and will cause problems for members of the Seniors Centre.

The meeting was discussed by administration and members of the senior Centre in May, where no final decisions regarding the relocation were finalized.
Another topic discussed, that has also been heavily discussed at other meetings and forums was the increase of taxes.
“A 50 or 60 dollars increase doesn’t sound like much,” said Bill Kovach at the meeting. “It might make it sound like a small problem. But it all adds up.”
He went on to say that it is important for us as a municipality to be looking for ways to cut spending, or to keep it steady.
It was heavily stressed during the meeting how important memberships are. It was mentioned that the higher the number of the group is, the more power it will have.
“We have to be large enough to be listened to,” said Kovach. When the audience was asked how many people were planning on buying a membership, almost everyone in the audience raised a hand. There were approximately sixty-five people in attendance.
The next Rate Payers meeting is scheduled to take place on July 5th, at the Coleman Legion. All concerned citizens are invited to attend.
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