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Tuesday July 3rd, 2012  
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"Fireworks is dead. We thought we'd have some fun with it."
- Blairmore Fire  Department  


Herald Staff photo
Two of the many quilts on display at the Crowsnest Museum’s future exhibit ‘Crowsnest and its Quilts’. The exhibition opens its door to the
public on July 8th at 2 p.m.
‘Crowsnest and Its Quilts’ is an exhibit presented at the Crowsnest Museum and put together by volunteers coordinated by Historical Society Board member Isabel Russell.
The exhibit features quilts made from 1870 to the present day using techniques from hand sewing to machine embroidery and computer imaging.
The quilts are largely loaned to the museum and made by local women.
The stands for the quilts were supplied by the Medicine Hat Museum.
“We’re going pretty strong,” said Chris Mathews, Executive Director of the Crowsnest Museum, referring to the number of quilts and also the backing given to the exhibit.

We’ve been given a great deal of support.
The museum will launch Crowsnest Quilts on July 8 at 2 pm with a reception and tea.
Guest speaker Lucy Hines from the Royal Alberta Museum will be speaking on quilting in Alberta.
The quilts will be on exhibit until the end of July. There is no charge to view the exhibit but donations are greatly appreciated.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 26   email:   $1.00   
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