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Tuesday July 3rd, 2012  
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Grade 4A
The 2012 I.S.S. Awards Ceremony took place on June 28th at the school, and the special ceremony recognized students who earned awards for their hard work during the school year.
Moderating the awards ceremony was Principle Paul Pichurski.
The first series of awards that were presented at the ceremony were the Art Awards, presented by Mrs. Koentges. These awards were presented to one student in each class who consistently showed understanding the concepts taught in class.
The award winners were: from 4A: Alice Murray and Lyndon Ewen from 4B: Kyndra Robb, from 5B: Jessie Wilson and Maeve Rothlin, from 6A: Reese Pagnucco and from 6B: Natasha Gault.
The Music/Band Awards, presented by Mr. Pichurski, were in recognition of students who demonstrated exceptional musicianship and musical knowledge and development throughout the school year. An award was presented to one student in each music class.
The award winners were: from 4A: Nathan Milford, from 4B: Noah Schuh, from 5A: Kennedy Michalski, from 5B: Jasmine Sydora, from 6 Music: Cailley Davis, and from 6 Band: Maisa Danaf.
The French awards were presented by Ms. McKinlay and Ms. Funk. They were in recognition of students who displayed a profound ability in speaking and understanding the French language.
The award winners were: from 4A: Alex Hartgerink, from 4B: Kyndra Robb, from 5A: Mariah Loserth, from 5B: Hayley Fast, from 6A: Reece Brown, and from 6B: Jarett Kress.
The PE Awards, presented by Mrs. Tkachuk, were presented to a boy and a girl in each class who demonstrating a great understanding of physical fitness, strong leadership and desire to improve
The award winners were: from 4A: Collby Snider and Zoe Civitarese, from 4B: Noah Schuh and Kennedy Blakey, from 5A: Terren Chomyn and Haylee Williams, from 5B: Spencer Dorge and Tori Wakaluk, from 6A: Justice Stella and Kristen Pundyk, and from 6B: Connor Gunn and Natasha Gault.
The Km Club, presented by Ms.

McKinlay, reconginzed the student who logs the most kilometers in a year during the duration of that club.
The award winners were: Mariah Loseth from 5A, who ran 86 kilometers throughout the duration of the club, and Nathan Milford from 4A, who ran 77 kilometers throughout the duration of the club.
The Merit award, presented by Mrs. Davidson, was an award given to a student from each class who demonstrated a genuine desire , determination and responsible attitude necessary to become a successful leader.
The award winners were: from 4A, Brittany Fournier, from 4B: Kyler Olsen, from 5A: Kennedy Michalski, from 5B: Ella Corns, from 6A: Chiara Burgess and from 6B: Cailley Davis.
The Academic Excellence, presented by Mr. Pichurski, was awarded to students exhibiting high academic performances in all four core subjects.
The award winners were: from 4A: Elena Tkachuk, Zoe Civitarese, Aiden Douglas, and Nathan Milford. From 4B: Noah Schuh, Brooklyn Bevans, Kyndra Robb, and Kennedy Blakey. From 5A: Mariah Loseth, and Emmett Morrow. From 5B: Madison Harrison, Aden-Lee Janson, Maeve Rothlin, Jasmine Sydora, Tori Wakaluk, and Kiera Wheelock. From 6A: Ethan Ballak, Reece Brown, Maisa Danaf, Cole Draper, Katelyn Fournier, Andrea Martiz and Kristen Pundyk. From 6B: Ethan Flegg-Mahieux, Natasha Gault, Jarrett Kress, Sean Park and Meghan Tkachuk.
The Western Citizenship Award, sponsored by the Coleman branch of Western Financial was given to three students who demonstrated the qualities of good citizenship within our school community.
The award recipients were: Mathew Merritt, Sommer Hagley, and Jordan Sharp.
The ISS Citizen of the Year Award, presented by Mrs. Tkachuk was an award given to the student who best illustrates the qualities of outstanding leadership, citizenship and has contributed to the social community at ISS in a positive way. The award was given to Brittany Jones.
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