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Tuesday July 10th, 2012  
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"It's like I am camping all the time."
- Tracy Hamilton  
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A picture from last year’s Thunder in the Valley.
With the recent controversy associated with the cancellation of Thunder in the Valley, there has been some talk- and worry- of potential violence or vandalism by local businesses in Blairmore.
Some citizens of the Crowsnest Pass have worried that tourists will come to the Crowsnest Pass unknowing of the cancellation of the firework show that brought close to 40,000 people into Blairmore each year.
After tourists have made the journey to the Pass only to find that the firework show is cancelled, vandalism may strike, leaving the businesses in Blairmore as a main target for the violence.
Although this forecast is only a possibility, it has got the community of Blairmore talking and wondering what results of the weekend of July 20th will bring.
On the contrary, some businesses feel that the cancellation of Thunder in the Valley has saved their company from an event that has often turned vicious in the past.
An employee from Sears says that she is not worried about violence that might occur.
Anita Ferguson from Sears said that the store has never had a problem with Thunder in the Valley, adding that she is not worried and does not think Sears is in jeopardy of vandalism.
“It’s a hard thing to predict, I suppose. We just have to hope for the best,” said Ferguson.
Randall Whiteside, owner of the Tin Roof Bistro, says that the cancellation of the Thunder in the Valley will shine “positive light” in Blairmore.
Whiteside, who mentioned that his business greatly profited from the event, said that other years, he had to hide his store’s alcohol, emptied the cash register, and concealed all valuable objects in his store for Thunder in the Valley.
“I felt a riot coming on,” he said, referring to the abundant amounts of people in the community and the alcohol, drugs and vandalism that resulted from Thunder in the Valley in the past.

“All it takes is one person to throw a rock through one of the windows, and then everyone is throwing rocks,” Whiteside said.
“Cancelling Thunder in the Valley might have saved a lot of business in Blairmore,” he said, referring Thunder in the Valley as “Alberta’s summer party.”
Steve Atkinson, owner of Stone’s Throw Café, hopes that the “drunken aspect” will hopefully be taken away, from Rum Runners?Days, and it will be more family oriented and therefore, more enjoyable.
“I’m hoping that by cancelling it one year, they can figure out what they need to do to make it safe, and then bringing it back better the next year,” said Atkinson.
The employees of Chakras Revitalizing Salon and Spa believe that people will still come to the Pass for Rum Runner Days.
“People are still going to come to the Pass, even though the fire work show is not happening,” said Vanessa Deboer. “There will still be crowds of people, because they come for other things, besides Thunder in the Valley.”
“And vandalism is always a possibility when there are large amounts of people,” she said, adding that the meaning of it has gone from a family oriented event to Woodstock.
“I think the community has lost the meaning of the weekend all together,” said Jamie Robinson, also from Chakras.
“The meaning is celebrating our heritage, which is rum running. Fireworks are fireworks. I don’t think they should define our community,” said Robinson.
Rum Runners Days will start on Thursday, July 19th, and will continue through the weekend, ending on Sunday, July 22nd. Hundreds of tourists are expected to arrive.
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