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Tuesday July 10th, 2012  
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The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation has awarded Crowsnest Pass with four grants to restore and recognize the heritage and history that lies within the municipality.
The four grants, which were recently announced by Alberta Historical Resources Foundation through a program called Heritage Partnership Preservation Program, total close to $100, 000 dollars.
Their purpose is to provide support to individuals and organizations for projects within the communities that preserve the local history.
With these particular projects, they are a mix of conservation, like the Coleman Union Hall and the APP barracks, as well as awareness, like the Doors Open at the Heritage Festival, as well as research, like the Mantrip project, where researchers are collecting and documenting the history related to the mining industry in the area.
Local organizations can apply for these grants, and the Historical Resources Foundation will study the applicants, and then determine their significance and what role that particular historic significance played in the community.
If it has a great amount of historic value to the community, then it is considered for a grant.
The Historical Resources Foundation has been around since 1973, and has been providing support to heritage research projects since that time.

It’s a tremendous program,” said Barb Toker, public affairs officer with Alberta Culture. “It provides that extra support so the community can preserve the historic resources. More and more, Albertans are coming to recognize the value of holding on to these sites, and to creating a greater awareness of their local history,” Toker said.
“It draws people into the community,” she said, adding that the history of communities around Alberta can remind us of the people who have been here before us, and how they built the community.
“It links our past, or present, and our future,” Toker said.
The grants provided to the Crowsnest Pass are: the Crowsnest Historical Society, Alberta Provincial Police Barracks Building grant, for the amount of $18,640, the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, Coleman Union Hall/Hospital grant, for the amount of $64,700, the Crowsnest Pass Economic Development Board: Crowsnest Pass Doors Open and Heritage Festival 2012 grant, for the amount of $5,000 , and the Crowsnest Pass Eco Museum Trust Society grant, for the amount of $10,000.
The grants are not presented to the individuals and/or organizations with a specific grant presentation but instead, the money is given to them as they work on projects when the money is needed.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 27   email:   $1.00   
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