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Tuesday July 17th, 2012  
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"It's the hardest Sinister 7 we've had in years."
- Brian Gallant  
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Lindsay Goss photo
Dave Taggart stands by his new shop Spokes and Motors
located at the west end of Blairmore.
Spokes and Motors, Blairmore’s newest automotive repair and servicing shop, opened their doors to the public last week.
After months of renovations and repairs, Spokes and Motors, and the four employees who work there, officially opened to the public on Monday July 9th, taking over the former location of The Triple-S building in Blairmore.
The store, located on 20th street and 223 Avenue, services and repairs automotive, motorcycles, snowmobiles and off highway vehicles, plus serves as a full service gas station.
“We’re open and ready to go,” said Dave Taggart, owner of Spokes and Motors.
“We are looking forward to providing service to the Crowsnest Pass.

Taggart explains how difficult the process of opening up shop in Blairmore was. The original plan was to build his store beside the Greenhill Hotel in Blairmore, however after some controversy, Taggart was informed by the municipality that they did not want his type of business to be in the core of downtown Blairmore.
Taggart said he was surprised by the about of business his store has already received after the first week, his company was not expecting this much interest after only the first week. “People have been very supportive,” he said.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 28   email:   $1.00   
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