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Tuesday July 24th, 2012  
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Team Rock Gear made the municipality proud when they took second place in the mixed team category of Sinister 7 and team member Ian Lowe Wylde said that the team was “a bunch of driven, hardworking people who managed to pull it off.”
Originally called Diggers, the team of seven started competing in Sinister 7 four years ago. Wylde, who joined the team three years ago, said each year the team has competed, the team has gotten faster and stronger.
The team members were: Kathy Wylde-Yanco, Ian Lowe-Wylde, Tracy Wakaluk, Connor Lowe-Wylde, Alex Wakaluk, Laura McGready and Mark Bennet.
“It wasn’t about saying we can do it, because already we had. It was about how competitive we could be. We wanted to be on the podium this year,” said Wylde.
He explained that the night before the race, each team member wrote down a goal. Each racer wrote down the time they wanted to finish their leg of the race by. “It was our way of getting a commitment out of everyone. “We were all so motivated,” Wylde said. “We were within minutes of the goals written down. I think that’s what made me so proud of my team.”
Wylde said that the team began with interval training, about 10 weeks before race.

The team met every Wednesday night. “We all knew we had to run a little bit faster. Running on the trails was a great way to train,” Wylde said.
“We knew we had to shave at least an hour off our time from last year,” he said. That means, we have to run faster than last year. We had to do better.”
The weather on race day, which took place on Saturday, July 7th, was not ideal, as temperatures soared and had already reached 30 degrees by mid-afternoon. “None of us were acclimatized to the heat and none of us were use to it,” said Wylde. “I suffered, and I didn’t have my personal best time but I was faster by a couple minutes than last year.”
We looked at individuals, and what our individual strengths are, Wylde said, when asked how the decision of who would run what leg was made. We had other people were better at the longer distance and maybe wouldn’t have been better at the shorter distances,” he said,
Rock Gear team member Alex Wakaluk came in third place. “It was such a close battle, but we had a guy who was going to get the job done,” he said.
Wylde said that although team Rock gear achieved their goal, the team is going in separate ways and will not race together next year
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   Volume 82 - Issue 29   email:   $1.00   
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